Christopher Daniels spent decades grinding in the pro wrestling world and making his moves. Jay-Z was doing the same and finding success in his own field and Eddie Kingston likens the two together.

Eddie Kingston knows everything there is to know about independent wrestling. He spent the first decade of his career working the indies exclusively. Kingston finally got his big break with AEW and took advantage of it during a fantastic feud with CM Punk that ended with their match at Full Gear.

The Mad King is qualified to speak his mind on independent wrestling. He recently appeared on Shane Strickland’s Swerve City, where he talked about his Mount Rushmore of pro wrestling. He said Christopher Danielz was the equivalent to independent wrestling of Jay Z to hip-hop.

“Man those early 2000s, we had to be insane because there was only WWF at the time, right? So we were all just hitting each other really really hard. I hated it….


Chris Daniels, he was the Jay-Z of the group. He was slick, all of us are rough, If you think about it. Go back and watch those matches, CD’s smooth and slick.”

Kingston credited Bryan Danielson, Low-Ki, Homicide, and Samoa Joe as some of the best of his generation. Daniels and those he came through the independents with set the path. The Fallen Angel revolutionized what fans expected of indie wrestlers.

After spending the first nine years of his career as an independent, Christopher Daniels bounced around under various gimmicks in the WWF and WCW. He found his professional footing with Ring of Honor in the early 2000’s, where he had some of the most influential matches in wrestling history. Christopher Daniels has never abandoned his independent spirit.

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