It’s Tuesday night and that means a brand new episode of WWE NXT for December 14th, and Ringside News has you covered with live play-by-play results coverage. Start time for NXT is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below.

Tonight’s NXT is to be headlined by the much-advertised in-ring debut of Harland. The imposing, silent figure that is often found standing behind Joe Gacy turns his attention on a yet-unamed opponent, but fans are eager to see what he can do. Meanwhile Bron Breakker will face Roderick Strong in a non-title match, if Breakker wins it seems likely he will get a shot at the newly weight-liberated Cruiserweight Championship.

That’s not all however, tonight’s NXT looks to be an action-heavy one; Cameron Grimes battles Duke Hudson once more in a No Holds Barred match; Tony D’Angelo faces Andre Chase; Cora Jade returns to action against Dakota Kai; and Boa will challenge Edris Enofe. On paper it’s set to be an exciting episode of NXT 2.0.

That’s the preview for tonight’s NXT. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!


NXT 2.0

The December 14th episode of NXT 2.0 opens with a look back at the close of last week’s show, where Johnny Gargano was attacked by Grayson Waller following an emotional farewell speech. Grayson Waller is shown arriving at the arena a few moments ago, where a parade of fans chant “you suck” but he proceeds to film them and dance.

We’re live in the Capitol Wrestling Centre and out comes everybody’s favourite hillbilly millionaire, Cameron Grimes! As he reaches the ring, Grimes pulls a trash can from under the ring, which is full of weapons, and tosses it into the ring.

No Holds Barred

Cameron Grimes Vs. Duke Hudson

Hudson comes out – still wearing the wig – and tries to attack Grimes but gets the trash can stuck on his head and hit with a running kick from the apron. Grimes beats him at ringside before putting him back inside, only for Duke to crack Grimes with a trash can lid. Hudson beats him in the corner but Grimes knocks him back and lands a springboard moonsault for a two-count.

Hudson rolls outside and Grimes follows after, then sends him into the steel steps. Grimes grabs a steel chair but Duke hits him and rolls him into the ring, then throws the chair and a Kendo stick away and the fans boo. Hudson leaps over the ropes and hits Grimes with an incredible German suplex and he rolls out of the ring on the other side.

Duke goes after and gets a chair from under the ring, then swings it but Grimes kicks it, then clubs him a few times. Hudson lands a finger to the eye, then wants a crucifix powerbomb but gets hurricanrana’d into the barricade! Grimes gets him back in the ring and throws a trash can lid at him, then looks to hit poetry in motion off a chair but gegts caught with a urinage by Duke for a near-fall.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and there’s a poker table set up near the corner, and Grimes and Hudson are battling on the ropes above it. Grimes headbutts Hudson off, then dives over te poker table with a crossbody for a near-fall. Duke rolls him up for a two-count of his own, then Grimes does the same. Cameron goes to the top rope but Hudson trips him. Grimes escapes his grasp and lands a few superkicks.

Cameron wants the Cave-In but Hudson catches him and powerbombs him through the poker table! Hudson drags him off the table and covers him but Grimes kicks out! Duke gose outside and grabs a hair trimmer from under the ring, then gets back inside and sits on a chair. He grabs Grimes but gets kicked in the face. Grimes hits a poisonrana and Hudson winds-up sitting on the steel chair, then Grimes connects with the Cave-In for the win!

Winner: Cameron Grimes

After the match, Grimes grabs Hudson and rips the wig off, showcasing his bald head for all to see!

Cora Jade is interviewed backstage and she says she is very excited because she has been medically cleared. Dakota Kai appears and warns Jade that Raquel Gonzalez will use her just like she used her. Jade says she doesn’t need any advice because if she beats her tonight she’ll be on a nice winning streak, and one step closer to the NXT Women’s Championship.

*Commercial Break*

We see Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs outside the arena and they’re waiting for Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter to go to a concert. We see a montage of the four at a country music festival. Kacy and Kayden dance together and Jensen and Briggs are mesmerized.

Grayson Waller makes his way to the ring to the boos of the CWC. The fans chant “a$$hole” and Grayson says he loves it. He says Johnny Gargano overstayed his welcome. He talked about his wife, his unborn baby, and the fans, as if any of them has done anything. We see a replay of Waller attacking Gargano. He says he went from jumping of a cage and winning WarGames, to attacking a legend, to fighting with celebrities over the weekend, and what did the fans do?

Waller showcases some Tweets from fans and Superstars who called him names. He calls out Wade Barrett for his Tweet and says it isn’t 2010, nobody cares about his opinion. He turns to Vic Joseph and says he just watched as he pummelled his best friend, which shows what kind of man he is. Waller says he doesn’t need friends or allies, the only thing he needs is himself.

We see a replay of MSK finding the shaman last week: Riddle. The three of them shared a bag of a mystery substance and we’ll see more tonight.

Malcolm Bivens is in the gym with Diamond Mine and he says Bron Breakker is great but he is not the workhorse of NXT, and neither is he the Champion in NXT. Roderick says they will divide-and-conquer tonight, with Ivy Nile taking care of her business, and him going solo against Breakker. Ivy will be in action after the break.

*Commercial Break*

Lashing Out with Lash Legend is back, and her guests tonight are Kushida and Ikemen Jiro, Jacket Time. Ikemen says they’re big fans and she loves their outfits. She asks what their secret is and they say “style strong”. She asks about Grizzled Young Veterans and Kushida says they attacked them, but they will not get away with it. He says they are like Grayson Waller, they have no respect. Jiro says they always smile and they will wipe the floor with GYV tonight.

Ivy Nile W/Malcolm Bivens Vs. Amari Miller

The match gets underway, they lock-up, and Nile takes her down with a side headlock. Miller grabs a headscissors on the mat but Nile does a handstand to get out of it. Ivy snatches a front facelock but Miller wriggles out. Ivy can’t seem to keep a hold of her. Miller grabs the wrist and steps over it but Ivy forearms her in the back.

Ivy drags her to the corner and applies a triangle choke, then does push-ups on the ropes. Ivy hits a snap suplex and kips-up. Amari rolls her up for a two-count, then moves into another pin to no avail. Miller lands a few shots that back her up, then hits a spinning leg kick to the chest. Miller connects with a dropkick, then runs at her but Ivy catches her with a wrestling slam. Ivy grabs a dragon sleeper for the submission.

Winner: Ivy Nile

Xyon Quinn is interviewed backstage and asked about about Elektra Lopex and the brass knuckles last week. He says her intentions worked to benefit Santos Escobar and now that he knows the rules… game on.

Robert Stone appears and shouts that he is sick of the disrespect he’s been getting. From now on he will be taken seriously. He gets interrupted by Von Wagner, who says Kyle O’Reilly was just the first body to fall, from now on he will destroy whoever he wants. Why? Because he can.

We see Joe Gacy and Harland outside. Gacy tells him he wants him to go and be himself tonight Harland will make his in-ring debut tonight.

*Commercial Break*

MSK are with Riddle again and he goes through their fanny pack to see what he can find. He puts his hand inside the little bag, all the way down to the elbow like in Harry Potter, and pulls out a traffic cone, a baseball bat, John Cena’s old spinner U.S title. He tells them they need to get rid of the clutter and focus on being a team to get the Tag Team Titles back. They ask how they can clear their minds and Riddle pulls a scooter from the bag. He says to find what they need, they just need to dig deeper. Lee and Carter then pull put their own scooters and the stallions ride off.

Harland W/Joe Gacy Vs. Guru RAAJ

The bell rings and Raaj is reluctant to engage. They lock-up and Gacy slams him down. Gacy then slams Raaj’s had into the mat repeatedly, then rubs his forearm across the side of his face. Harland lifts the Guru and knees him, then lifts him for a back-suplex and into a Rock Bottom for the win.

Winner: Harland

Afterwards, Gacy asks if Harland feels better and he shakes his head that he doesn’t, so he goes back and slams Guru’s head into the mat again. Referee’s come down to stop them but Gacy puts a hand on his shoulder and Harland stops. The two leave peacefully.

LA Knight arrives at the arena and he says Grayson Waller did one move and now he thinks he’s hot stuff? He got “butthurt” last week when some fine woman chose the Knight over him, so he ran off like the incel he is and attacked Johnny Gargano. Well somebody tell Waller LA Knight is here and he’s looking for him.

Cora Jade makes her entrance on her skateboard. Mandy Rose appears at ringside and she joins the commentary desk.

*Commercial Break*

We se Harland and Gacy being escorted down a staircase and an official – Brian Kendrick – is shouting at Gacy. Harland grabs Kendrick by the throat and throws him down the stairs! More officials rush down and check on Kendrick while Gacy smiles ear-to-ear behind a stoic Harland.

Cora Jade Vs. Dakota Kai

The match begins and Jade counters a throw from Kai and kicks her in the corner. Jade hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, then a front dropkick and a roll-up for a two-count. Jade kicks Kai, then goes up top but Kai kicks her in the face. Kai pulls Jade shoulder-first into the ring post – her shoulder got injured at WarGames. Kai hits a running kick to the shoulder from the apron, then rolls her back in the ring.

Kai applies a submission and Jade starts to fight up, so she slams her down. Kai stomps on the shoulder and bends it over her knee. Kai whips her into the corner, then runs for a knee but Jade avoids it and flips her over the ropes. Kai gets back in the ring and Jade hits some clotheslines, then a hurricanrana and a shining wizard. Jade goes to the top rope for a front dropkick and a two-count.

Kai kicks her back and lands a backbreaker for a two-count. Kai gets Jade in the corner and connects with a running boot to the face for a two-count. Kai hits a spinning reverse DDT for a near-fall. Kai goes under the ring and brings her shovel in but the referee rips it away. Cora Jade takes advantage and rolls-up Kai for the pinfall!

Winner: Cora Jade

As soon as the match is over, Kai kicks Jade in the face. Kai grabs the shovel again but Raquel Gonzalez runs down and kicks her in the chest. Raquel chases Dakota through the crowd, leaving Jade alone in the ring. The rest of Toxic Attraction comes out and Mandy Rose attacks Jade from behind. Rose targets the shoulder again and leaves her lying.

Grayson Waller is walking backstage on his phone. Io Shirai walks up and yells at him in Japanese. Waller takes a seat and smiles at her until she walks off. He says “I think she likes me”.

*Commercial Break*

Tony D’Angelo Vs. Andre Chase

The match gets underway and Tony shoves Chase down. He then slams him by the back and holds him down until Chase grabs the ropes. D’Angelo slams Chase into the buckles and slams him again, so Chase rolls out of the ring. We see a pocket of his students in the stands chanting for him. D’Angelo throws him back into the ring but Chase grabs a side headlock. Chase slams Tony, then hits a swinging neckbreaker for a two-count.

Chase mounts Tony for some ground-and-pound, then points to his students and tells them to watch as he stomps D’Angelo. Tony whips him to the ropes but Chase catches him with a Russian leg sweep and moves to a sleeper. D’Angelo fights up and sends him into the buckles. A back body drop from Tony, who then pulls Chase’s sweater over his and punches him. He hits a suplex, then a northern lights suplex into a swinging neckbeaker fo the win.

Winner: Tony D’Angelo

After the match Tony gets a microphone and he says he’s been doing everything he said he would since he got to NXT. He just beat that goomba Andre Chase, which makes him the head of the class. And at WarGames he said he was going to knock Pete Dunne’s mouth, which he did and even took his mouth guard as a souvenir.

Dunne comes down to the ring and says he wants to see if Tony will say this crap to his face. Tony shows him the gumshield and says they can figure things out next week because he has some dealings to take care of. D’Angelo walks past Dunne but then swings for him and Dunne catches his arm, then snaps his fingers! Dunne reclaims his gumshield.

Grayson Waller walks into the locker room where Bron Breakker is warming-up with some others. Waller wants a fist bump but Breakker tells him he’s not welcome in the locker room, so he can get out. The others agree, so Waller takes his suitcase and says real stars have their own dressing room anway.

*Commercial Break*

Edris Enofe Vs. Boa

The match starts with strikes from both men and Boa hits a lariat, followed by a high-crotch slam for a two-count. Boa grabs a submission and we see Silo Sikoa watching on a monitor backstage. Edris fights up but Boa hits a couple of Irish whips into kitchen sink knees. Boa drops him for a two-count, then goes back to a submission.

Enofe again fights free and lands a back elbow, then some chops. Boa boots him back but Enofe hits a dropkick and a suplex. Enofe gose up top and jumps but Boa catches him with a kick in mid-air. Boa grabs him on his knees, then delivers a spinning heel kick for the win.

Winner: Boa

Raquel Gonzalez is storming back-and-froth backstage. She says she needs to end Dakota Kai and move on from this saga. She says they need to end it the way it started… a street fight!

*Commercial Break*

We see Grayson Waller outside the arena and he gets into LA Knight’s sports car. He looks at the camera and says “you guys are going to love this view,” then drives off. LA Knight is laid out on the ground behind the car.

Jacket Time Vs. Grizzled Young Veterans

James Drake starts with Kushida and gets taken down, rolled around, and made a fool of. Zack Gibson calms Drake down and they lock-up again. Kushida kicks his leg a few times, then grabs a wristlock and tags Ikemen for a karate chop to the arm. Kushida tags right back in and applies a hammerlock, then spins to twist the arm.

Gibson blind-tags in and drags Kushida out of the ring, then holds him up so Drake can hit a suicide dive. Gibson goes back-and-forth with Kushida but gets rolled-up and he tags Drake again. Drake hits a neckbreaker for a two-count. Kushida finally makes a comeback and tags Iken, who knocks Gibson off the apron and catches Drake with a spinning heel kick.

Jiro beats him in the corner, then leaps over him and lands a German suplex. Jiro wastes time posing with his jacket, allowing Gibson to tag in. Jiro ducks under a double clothesline and knocks Drake out of the ring. He tags Kushida and they both handspring past Gibson and hit stereo dropkicks. Kushida grabs a Kimura and Diamond Mine appear on the stage.

Gibson runs Kushida into the buckles ot break the hold, then tags Drake. They attempt Ticket To Mayhem but both get knocked out of the ring. Diamond Mine’s Creed Brothers run down the ramp and GYV get ready to fight, but they turn around and Jacket Time leap over the ropes onto both of them. Jacket Time get Drake back in the ring and hit a swanton bomb/reverse DDT for the win!

Winners: Jacket Time

Roderick Strong and Malcolm Bivens and walking backstage but Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams stop them. Carmelo reminds Strong that he’s the Champion in NXT and wishes him luck. Bivens says they don’t rely on luck, but the two of them may need it. Trick and Hayes then discover a drawing of them by Dexter Lumis.

*Commercial Break*

The announcers run down the matches schedules for next week’s NXT, which includes Pete Dunne Vs. Tony D’Angelo and Dakota Kai Vs. Raquel Gonzalez in a street fight. Roderick Strong and Bron Breakker make their entrances for the main event.

Bron Breakker Vs. Roderick Strong W/Malcolm Bivens

Strong shoots for a takedown but Breakker throws him aside. Strong grabs a leg and sweeps his other to take Breakker down. Hayes and Williams appear on the podium above the fans and Strong gets distracted by them. Breakker hits a shoulder block, then gator rolls Strong into a stalling vertical suplex.

Breakker kips-up and Strong rolls out of the ring. Breakker goes out but Roderick slings him into the announce desk. Strong then lifts him for a backbreaker on the edge of the announce desk. Strong argues with Trick and Hayes as we head to the final break of the night.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and Breakker escapes a submission and sends Strong into the buckles. Roderick catches him with some knees, then a gut buster for a two-count. Strong applies a Boston crab but Breakker throws him off and out of the ring. Strong rushes back in and gets caught with a high-angle body slam. Breakker dodges a knee in the corner and slams Strong.

Breakker hits a shoulder tackle, then catches him with a Frakensteiner and the crowd goes wild. Strong avoids a powerbomb but Breakker backs him into the corner and shoulders him a few times. Strong knocks him to the ropes and chops his chest, then hits running forearms to the face. Strong lands an Angle Slam for a near-fall.

Strong gets Bron on the top rope for a superplex, then lifts him for a powerbomb and another near-fall. Breakker counters a suplex and throws Strong off, theneats a few kicks to the face. Breakker catches Strong jumping at him and slams him down. Breakker pulls the unitard straps down before throwing Strong up and hitting a powerslam for the win.

Winner: Bron Breakker

After the match, Tommaso Ciampa appears and attacks Breakker. Ciampa hits Willow’s Bell on Bron, then gets in his face with the NXT Championship and tells him he’s in the deep end and he’ll never get the title from him. Ciampa kisses Breakker on the cheek and raises the belt.

That’s it for this week’s NXT, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe.

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