Hannibal was involved in a bloody stunt where he attacked referee Lando Deltoro with a spike. The internet lambasted Hannibal and he has already lost future work. TMZ ran a piece about him as well, but he said that they never tried to contact him as they claim.

In a new video statement, Hannibal explained his side of the story. He started out the video by making it clear that he quit World Class Pro Wrestling and not the other way around, Hannibal then started to reveal his side of the bloody incident.

Hannibal said that the referee in his match was hired to bleed. He is known as “a bleeder,” and he only officiated that one match.

Then Hannibal explained that he wasn’t given the spike he used in that stunt until he was in the ring. He had never handled the prop before in his life, and he also had trouble seeing due to the mesh in his mask’s eyeholes.


The spike he used was the same one that Kevin Sullivan used with Dusty Rhodes. Hannibal said that the referee was supposed to cut himself with a razor blade, but the spike was actually striking the referee’s head and it caused a bloody disaster in the ring. Hannibal then placed blame on Deltoro for not letting Hannibal know that he was really striking him during the angle.

Hannibal said that he talked to the referee the next day and “he said we were cool.” This was a stunt where blood was expected, but things got out of hand. You can check out Hannibal’s response below.

H Jenkins

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