Jeff Hardy is a true veteran in the pro wrestling world, having worked in the business for well over two decades now. Sadly, he was recently released from WWE and he also turned down rehab prior to his firing. He was a fan favorite in WWE and there is a good reason for that. It seems Jim Cornette criticized WWE yet again.

Jeff Hardy had a long and difficult road to reaching the top of WWE. During his first two runs in the company, he had to combat his demons which included substance abuse issues.

Hardy was also involved in a lot of controversial storylines throughout his runs in WWE. This included his feud with Sheamus last year which heavily touched upon his substance abuse issues.

While speaking on his Drive Thru podcast, Jim Cornette put WWE on blast for using Jeff Hardy in controversial storylines. Cornette stated that it was rotten to use Hardy’s substance abuse issues in the storylines.


“Always, always that is f****** rotten whether it is Jeff or whether it was Vince Russo who did it with Hawk 20 years ago or whatever the case. Even Paul Heyman bringing Sunny on ECW to talk about her issues. No, you bring real life into wrestling in a positive way where the people know things are true so you can inser it into the story you are telling fans. Regardless, I have never seen an upside in any way shape or form in any of the times anybody has worked having a substance abuse problem or shot on having a substance abuse problem or working, referring to a shoot substance abuse problem, any of it. It is simply not good whastoever and I do not know why they keep doing it,”

Unfortunately for Jeff Hardy, he was just released by WWE, which certainly has come as a huge shock to fans. We hope Hardy gets the necessary care that he needs to combat his demons.

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