Tony Khan is trending on Twitter again. This time, it’s not for a controversial statement or an attack on WWE. Instead, it started with his response to a question from a fan that came via Twitter. In the since-deleted tweet, the fan asked Khan why he didn’t “save” professional wrestling in 2005.

Khan made a snide response to the fan’s question. He noted that he was a 22-year-old college student at the time. He said it was strange for the fan to ask such a question.

What followed was a deluge of responses mocking the fan’s question. After Sean Sapp retweeted a screenshot of the exchange, fans started jumping on the bandwagon. Since then, hundreds of “Where was Tony Khan” tweets have come down the pipeline.

The account, @markbland, identifies its owner as a broadcaster with 45,500 followers. Most of his tweets don’t receive any replies, likes, or retweets. It’s safe to say that his following is largely fake.


The mockery of the fan’s question has generated hundreds, if not thousands of “Where was Tony Khan” scenarios. The strange question and its deadpan response from the AEW boss were all Twitter needed for a couple days of fun. Fun for everyone except for the original poster, that is.

Although he deleted the offending tweet, the meme lives on. “Where was Tony Khan” has become a social media force of nature. You can check out some of the best takes on this new meme below.

What’s your favorite “Where was Tony Khan” meme? Let us know in the comments.

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