Eddie Kingston and Cesaro have a history. They go way back, and yes even before Cesaro was known by that name. Of course many WWE stars are given different names for their respective runs within the company. Just look at Tyler Black…or Seth Rollins as he is known today. When Kingston and Cesaro knew each other and worked together, Cesaro was known as Claudio Castagnoli- which is of course his birth name.

Eddie Kingston is a straight shooter. He definitely calls them as he sees them, and that would include calling out old friends it would seem. It was on a recent interview he did for News 12 on YouTube that he called out good old Cesaro out, referring to his old colleague as a ‘big Swiss Idiot.’

The comments come as quite the shock to some, especially those that know they were friends in the past, especially in their Ring Of Honor days, but of course this could even be Kingston trying to hype something up for an old friend, if that makes any sense. He even references Cesaro’s current contract with WWE, and the possibility of him going to AEW in the future.

Cesaro has been underutilized in WWE and pretty much since he entered the company. Even Mick Foley addressed this issue on his appearance on The Broken Skull Sessions with Steve Austin. He begged McMahon to use him properly. Kingston said in his statements:


“There is certain people in wrestling I do not like. Punk is one, Cesaro is another one. The big Swiss idiot at WWE. Whatever, I don’t like him, I don’t respect him. If he ever comes here, we are gonna have a problem. Whenever his contract is up, I don’t really pay attention to what he does.”

The two feuded back in the day, specifically in a plethora of companies (ROH included), but mostly in CHIKARA – the two cutting quite the scathing promo. Of course this is professional wrestling and it’s always hard to decipher a shoot from a work, and Kingston is a pro at both, as fans well know.

*Thanks to SEScoops for the quote.

Domenic Marinelli

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