Trent had a neck fusion surgery back in June. The surgery went well, but the recovery time can be quite long. The bone takes time to fuse together. While he may not be experiencing much pain, the safe thing is to allow it to heal.

Trent recently appeared on Rasslin’ along with Best Friends Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor. Trent was asked how his recovery is going. He explained the process in-depth.

“I just gotta wait for my bones to grow together. Do you know what I mean? They put the plate they put the plates in and they take the discs out and then in between they put, he said, it’s like a crushed coral. I don’t understand why it’s not just floating around… Then the bone grows into where the crushed coral is. I think it’s like a little disc thing with the coral in it.”

Trent also said that he had struggled with sleep apnea prior to the surgery. After the neck was cleaned up, he found relief from the condition. It sounds like a major fringe benefit came from the operation.


“I got my neck fused. I had so much extra bone growth and stuff, my discs were crushed and my bones were starting to fuse themselves together. I was getting sleep apnea. I was waking up gasping for air in the middle of the night and sometimes, I’d have trouble swallowing my own spit and I just thought it was nothing, but post-surgery — I guess I had so many extra bones and sh*t growing in my [throat] that my sleep apnea was gone.”

While Trent has been away, the group added Wheeler Yuta and joined the NJPW faction CHAOS. Chuck Taylor will team with Rocky Romero to take on the Young Bucks on tonight’s AEW Dynamite. Hopefully Trent will be back in the fold soon.

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Michael Perry

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