Eric Bischoff is a veteran in the pro wrestling business and is undoubtedly one of the greatest minds to have ever worked in it. He is well aware of the changing landscape of pro wrestling as well. It seems Tony Khan has hard feelings after Bischoff’s recent comments.

Eric Bischoff recently criticized Tony Khan for taking multiple shots at WWE over the past couple of weeks. Bischoff told Tony Khan to stay quiet and focus on his own product.

This prompted a response from the AEW President himself as Tony Khan fired back at Eric Bischoff for telling him to be quiet. On top of that, Tony Khan also accused Eric Bischoff of trying to stir up controversy with his remarks.

While speaking to SHAK Wrestling, Eric Bischoff talked about his strained relationship with AEW President Tony Khan. Bischoff stated that he believes Tony Khan has hard feelings after Bischoff’s negative comments and doesn’t answer his calls anymore.


“We were friendly and cordial. Mutual respect there. All that good stuff. It was not until recently, I was asked a question and I responded and it caused, I’m guessing, hard feelings from Tony. I tried to call Tony Khan and he did not even try to call me back. Someone told me, who Tony was complaining to, about how upset he was about the things that I said. He said, ‘Hey, why don’t you give Tony a call?’ I said, ‘Sure! I’m not mad at Tony.”

I am not one to holdgrudges. It does not change the way I feel about Tony, I just had to express my opinion and react to something Tony actually said that involved me and I took as being disrespectful of my accomplishments and even more disrespectful, and quite frankly, ignorant, with relation to the comment he made about Ted Turner. That’s what I reacted to. It does not mean I am angry with Tony Khan. When my friend said to give him a call, I thought, ‘alright, I’ll give him a call.’ I left a message and I haven’t heard back so, evidently, he’s a little pissed off. But that’s alright.”

We will have to wait and see if Eric Bischoff and Tony Khan will be able to sort out their differences or not. Regardless, Eric Bischoff will be more than happy to move on from the looks of it.

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