It was back in September that Adam Cole decided to sign on with AEW after 4 years in NXT. He dominated on that brand and many feel that he’s still dominating now in his new home, AEW. Of course, when it comes to social media though, not everyone agrees.

According to recent posts on social media, some feel that Adam Cole is being underutilized as a wrestler in AEW, many stating that his run in NXT was that much more dominant in a sense.

Well, Will Washington, a podcaster for Fightful, came to the defense of Adam Cole when one Twitter user suggested that this trend right now to say that Cole is doing worse is nonsensical. He would have essentially been scrutinized in the same way if he had stayed in WWE and gone to the main roster there. Essentially, he couldn’t have won no matter what he chose. Washington stated:

“I’m not even sure what bad he’s doing. He’s a top guy who faces other top guys and gets big reactions while touring the country. I’m not sure how anyone could possibly view that as a downgrade from what he was doing before. Just say like The Bucks and Kenny and move on.”


Well, it would seem that he wasn’t the only one who came to the defense of Adam Cole, because Tony Khan himself chimed in and with quite the good dose of vigor. He said:

“It’s false equivalence, Will. They try to move the line with ridiculous points aiming to dispute the credibility of something credible. Adam Cole is over af, he’s pushed & has many more young fans watching him than he did on Tuesdays. Would we argue if they said water wasn’t wet?”

At the end of the day, this is just an example of the internet being the internet. Opinions are valid, but not everyone will always agree. The negative side to that is when the facts are distorted, which was something that Khan felt the need to rectify in quite the hot minute it would seem.

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