Madusa is one of the modern-day legends of women’s wrestling. From her early days in the AWA to the infamous moment where she dropped the WWE Women’s title in the trash on a live WCW Nitro, her WWE Hall of Fame status is well-earned. The veteran wrestler has now revealed that she will have a behind-the-scenes creative role at an upcoming wrestling PPV.

After working with the National Wrestling Alliance on the 2021 NWA Empowerrr women’s pay-per-view, the former Alundra Blayze saw great opportunity to expand the reach of women’s wrestling. Along with Mickie James, she will be working on the creative end for the upcoming NWA Hard Times 2 PPV. She described the role and her previous NWA experience to the Battleground Podcast.

“My highlight for that whole weekend was, one, being invited, and two, kind of stepping back and watching how everything worked, watching the camaraderie between everybody, having everyone want the others to succeed was really nice, and then working with each other. I love the fact that it is very different, like the old studio feel. It is so completely different from the rest. That’s what piques my interest there, so it doesn’t feel like it’s competition.

Working that weekend, of course my mind was working. It was going all over like, ‘Gosh, if I was working, what I can do and help out here.’  That was in my head. I wasn’t voicing that, and sure enough, I must have been putting that out in the universe because that thing came back at me two-fold. I never expected that call at all. Now, coming back to this is going to be amazing because they want me for my creativity, writing, agenting, and some other stuff I can’t share.


Yes, I’m working with NWA coming up in December in Atlanta. I’ll be there that whole week. I have a creative role.”

The Hard Times 2 PPV will take place on December 4. Fans can order the show on Fite. Mickie James is set to defend her Impact Knockouts championship against AEW star Kiera Hogan in a huge inter-promotional women’s main event.

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