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SmackDown tonight will feature Ridge Holland taking on Cesaro with Sheamus being in Holland’s corner as well as a tag team match with Drew McIntyre and Jeff Hardy taking on Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss.

It should be interesting to see how things play out on tonight’s show.


SmackDown begins with Kayla Braxton in the ring welcoming the crowd to the show. Braxton says that rumors are spreading about Brock Lesnar’s suspension. Before she can say more Universal Champion Roman Reigns comes out to the ring accompanied by Paul Heyman.

Heyman takes the mic from Braxton and Heyman says “we don’t do rumors on the island of relevancy” Heyman says that Braxton wants the spotlight for herself with these rumors. Heyman tells Braxton to report on facts next time she’s out there with the tribal chief. Heyman tells Braxton to leave the ring and Braxton does with an angry look on her face.

Reigns says that rumors give losers false hope, and compared to him everyone is a loser around here, because he has beaten them all. Reigns says that Lesnar is the number one loser and that he doesn’t care about rumors because these are the facts. Reigns calls Big E a loser after he defeated him at Survivor Series. Reigns says management is getting desperate in creating the battle royal tonight. Reigns says that he’s the best of the best and that he’s “your tribal chief”. Reigns says that when his days are done around here, the whole world will acknowledge him.

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Jeff Hardy & Drew McIntyre vs Happy Corbin & Madcap Moss

Our opening tag team match begins with Corbin hitting Hardy from behind. Corbin stomps Hardy on the mat. Hardy avoids Corbin running at him in the corner. Corbin makes the tag and Moss hits a big shoulder tackle. Hardy hits a hip toss and goes for a cover for two. McIntyre is tagged in and hits a lariat to Moss. Hardy is tagged back in and hits a drop kick to Moss on the apron to send him to the barricade. Hardy dives onto Corbin on the outside and Moss runs in to blindside Hardy with a lariat.

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SmackDown returns live with Corbin hitting McIntyre with a cheap shot on the apron to isolate Hardy in the heel’s corner of the ring. After a double knockdown Hardy is able to make the hot tag and McIntyre hits a neckbreaker to Corbin. Corbin counters the Claymore to hit the deep six and cover for two. Moss is tagged in and McIntyre dodges a lariat and hits the Claymore. Hardy tags in and hits the swanton bomb to cover for three.

Winners: Jeff Hardy & Drew McIntyre

Backstage Paul Heyman walks up to Kayla Braxton, interrupting her conversation with Aliyah. Heyman asks more about the rumors about Lesnar. Heyman says that Lesnar is hiding behind the suspension because he is afraid of Roman Reigns.

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Ridge Holland vs Cesaro

The match begins with a lock up, Cesaro hits a right hand and then a running uppercut in the corner. Sheamus distracts Cesaro allowing Holland to take advantage with a slam followed up with a lariat. Holland hits a body slam and covers but breaks the fall himself to hit a series on punches on the mat. Cesaro gets in a quick roll up for the three count.

Winner: Cesaro

Drew McIntyre is talking to Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville and he says he should be in the battle royal tonight. Deville tells him that they do not have the finalized list of competitors but will let McIntyre know if he is in it.

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“Thanksgiving Leftovers Throwdown”

Rick Boogs vs Angel

Our obligatory WWE holiday themed match begins with Angel hitting a quick drop kick. Angle tries to throw Boogs into a plate of ham on an outside table but Boogs escapes. Back in the ring Angel locks in a chin lock. Boogs powers out of the hold and slams Angel with a gutwrench. Boogs hits a powerbomb and covers for two. Humberto distracts Boogs by playing his guitar, Nakamura runs in to slam Humberto through the table he was standing on. Angel hits the wing clipper and covers for three.

Winner: Angel

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Back live with Michael Cole in the ring interviewing Charlotte Flair. Charlotte says the only thing she is disappointed about is the poor officiating in her Survivor Series match. Charlotte says the only way Becky Lynch could beat her was by cheating. Charlotte says Becky’s success is due to her. Charlotte calls herself the most dominant woman in sports entertainment. Charlotte is interrupted by Toni Storm. Storm says Charlotte lost to Becky just like she predicted. Charlotte says she barely even knows Storm exists and Charlotte says she is on a different level. Charlotte tries a cheap shot but Storm dodges and throws Charlotte out of the ring. Storm rolls out of the ring and Charlotte throws a pie to the face of Storm from the earlier Thanksgiving Leftovers Throwdown that was still set up around the ring.

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Sasha Banks & Naomi vs Shayna Baszler & Natalya

The match begins with Baszler and Banks in the ring. Banks slaps Baszler in the face and the two lock up. Baszler gets a take down and applies a standing ankle lock and Baszler goes for the kirafuda clutch but Naomi tags in to break the hold. Naomi goes for a sunset flip but Baszler stays on her feet. Baszler backs Naomi into the corner and tags in Natalya. Natalya slaps Naomi across the face and Naomi hits a drop kick. Natalya rolls outside the ring and Naomi goes for a sliding drop kick but Natalya ducks and slams Naomi to the floor.

*Commercial break*

Back live with Naomi hitting Natalya with a hip toss. Baszler tags in and hits a cheap shot to take out Banks on the apron. Baszler locks in an ankle lock variation and stomps on Naomi’s ankle. Natalya and Baszler hit a double suplex and Natalya covers for a one count. Baszler tags in and again works over the ankle with a submission, Naomi breaks free and crawls to the corner but Baszler takes Banks off the apron. Naomi hits a sunset flip into a cover for three.

Winners: Sasha Banks & Naomi

Backstage the list of participants in tonight’s battle royal is posted, as the locker room crowds around the list, Sheamus tells Drew McIntyre that his name is not on the list.

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Black Friday Invitational Battle Royal

Before our number one contender battle royal begins, Drew McIntyre runs to the ring with his sword as everyone in the ring flees in terror from McIntyre attempting to decapitate Angel in the middle of the ring.

*Commercial break*

SmackDown returns with the match beginning as Drew McIntyre apparently left on his own accord during the break. The battle royal leads to mass chaos as expected. Sami Zayn eliminates Drew Gulak with a Helluva kick. Mansoor is eliminated by the team effort of Sheamus and Ridge Holland. Madcap Moss tosses Mace over the top rope to eliminate him. Sheamus and Holland attempt to eliminate Cesaro but Cesaro breaks free and eliminates Holland. Madcap sneaks up and eliminates Cesaro. After laughing in the ring together Corbin eliminates Madcap and the two continue to laugh together.

*Commercial break*

The battle royal continues live after the break. Boogs is eliminated via a team effort by Los Lotharios. Angel is eliminated by Ivar and Erik and Ivar team up to eliminate Humberto. Sheamus eliminates Erik with a lariat and then Ivar with a back body drop. Sheamus eliminates Ricochet after a brogue kick. Jeff Hardy hits the whisper in the wind to Sheamus. Hardy hits the twist of fate to Corbin. Sheamus and Corbin team up to try to eliminate Hardy, Corbin eventually betrays Sheamus by eliminating him and Hardy runs up to eliminate Corbin. Hardy is announced as the winner and celebrates on the top rope. Sami Zayn, who was never eliminated runs in to knock Hardy off the top rope and eliminate Hardy.

Winner: Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn is interviewed by Braxton, and Braxton says she has breaking news that Brock Lesnar will be returning to SmackDown next week to completely steal Sami Zayn’s thunder as SmackDown goes off the air.

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown. Let us know what you thought and we’ll see you back here next Friday for more SmackDown coverage. Until then, stay safe!

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