The life of a professional wrestler is not without its fair share of drawbacks. This includes crazy fans who jump the barricades and either try to interact with the wrestlers or attack them. It seems there is more to the Seth Rollins story than initially thought. It turns out that Rollins’ attacker was still upset over getting catfished years ago.

As seen on his week’s episode of Monday Night RAW, a fan attacked Seth Rollins and caused a huge stir. Seth Rollins was utterly blindsided, which is why he couldn’t react to the situation as quickly as he’d have want to.

Dave Meltzer spoke about this matter on Wrestling Observer Radio. Elisah Spencer was following a fake Seth Rollins account who told him to write various checks amounting to $3K dollars. He made his girlfriend write them instead.

Spencer’s girlfriend’s checks bounced because she didn’t have enough funds, which led to her getting arrested. The real Seth Rollins had no knowledge of this whatsoever.

So the guy followed Seth Rollins on Instagram, but it wasn’t the real Seth Rollins, it was a fake Seth Rollins masquerading as Seth Rollins and the guy asked him to write a bunch of checks, like $3,000 worth of checks and things like that. So, apparently he told his girlfriend to write a check for $3,000 and the check bounced because she didn’t have the funds, so she got arrested for writing a fraudulent check which he blames on Seth Rollins. Of course, the real Seth Rollins had no knowledge of this.

Spencer also apologized for his actions recently. Elisah Spencer got out of lockup but is expected to appear in front of a judge in December. We sincerely hope such an incident never happens again to any pro wrestler.

Transcription by Ringside News

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