It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. AEW Dynamite “Thanksgiving Eve” will go down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results coverage.

Start time for AEW Dynamite “Thanksgiving Eve” is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • Bryan Danielson vs. Colt Cabana
  • CM Punk vs. QT Marshall
  • TBS Championship Tournament – Quarterfinals: Thunder Rosa vs. Jaime Hayter
  • Eight Man Tag Match: Cody Rhodes, Pac & The Lucha Brothers vs. Andrade El Idolo, Malakai Black & FTR

JR welcomes us to the show as we kick off with Cult of Personality! Huge CM Punk chants as Punk makes his entrance. For those keeping track, Punk is back wearing his trunks (I liked the shorts).

MJF cuts of Punks music and makes his entrance. “Asshole” chants for MJF. MJF gets a mic and waits out the “CM Punk” chants. MJF says it doesn’t feel too good getting interrupted, “Shut the fuck up” chants. MJF says “No.” MJF says Punk hurt his feelings, it was almost as bad as the time Punk went home like a little bitch. MJF says the Pipebomb was Punks best moment, but every MJF moment is the best MJF moment. Unlike Punk he is not a one trick pony. Sasy Punks looks like a meth addict. MJF brings up all the times Punk gave future opponents but left out MJF. Punk has always been a big fish but next to MJF his is just a minnow. He would end Punk quicker than Punk UFC career! You can drop pipe bombs all you want, I drop nukes.


Punk gets a mic… “CM Punk” chants. Punk says he’s so disappointed in MJF. All this time he thought MJF stood for My Jealous Fan. Punk never brought up MJF’s name by design, he didnt want to stoke MJF’s ego, probably because there is a Punk poster on his wall. He shut up the great MJF without saying a word. MJF come at Punk with low hanging fruit. MJF is just a less famous Miz!!!!!!!!!!!

MJF says nostalgia. “Miz! Miz! Miz” chants. Punk is nothing more than nostalgia. Since Punk’s return he has struggled to beat the lowest competition. Says Punks breathe smells like shit, because he has been kissing so much ass. Robotic Pucker Up Punk. you’ve gone soft, you’ve gone grey. You need to go to sleep. This isn’t CM Punk, this is PG Punk. You may as well becoming out here with hustle loyalty and respect. I can see you, I can see through you. You stayed on your couch for 7 years. Punk was terrified he couldn’t hang anymore, busy writing comics nobody read and making movies nobody watched. In the other company he was a cult hit, but here, can he really do it? MJF knows why Punk doesn’t like him, he is everything Punk hates, he was born of this, while Punk was just a misfit from Chicago. After all Punks hard work, deep down Punk knows his whole career was second best. Weather is was the you cant see me man or the King of Kings. Now that your standing in my ring, you mat claim to be the best in the world but I am better than you and you know it.

Punk smiles, says there is some truth to what he said, he was a little scared, he didn’t know if they would remember him, if they would care, if he still had it. He isn’t scare anymore, he isn’t scared of MJF, he was selling out MSG while MJF was marking out for Rosie O’Donnell. You make the New York time again but this time it will be the obituaries. MJF cant back up shit without his backup. He came back for the heart and soul of AEW, Darby Allin. He beat Darby Allin and he didn’t need a ring to do it. MJF doesn’t realize he’s been replaced by Britt Baker. We have wasted too much of these peoples time, Who’s the man, who’s number 1, the only way MJF will be number 1 is if he marries Tony Khan’s daughter. The only way he can top ice cream bars is if he punches MJF in his little needle dick right now.

MJF takes off his jacket, squares up, then leaves the ring.

Up next, CM Punk vs. QT Marshall.

Commercial Break.

Punk and Marshall are in the ring.

CM Punk vs. QT Marshall

Punk hits a shoulder tackle, lock up, Aron Solow trips Punk, Punk hits a body slam, another body slam, another body slam. Punk asks One more? Then hits another body slam. Punk covers, 1 count. Punk gets a headlock, Marshall fights out, Comoroto grabs Punks leg, the ref then throws out Solow and Comoroto. Punk hits a body slam, Marshall with a high knee, a right hand, body shots in the corner, Punk with a back elbow. Punk with 10 shots in the corner, then a hard whip to the opposite corner, Marshall with a snapmare into a stomp, cover, 2 count. Marshall with a neck crank, Punk fights out, right hand, back body drop, and a clothesline out of the ring. Punk hits a flying clothesline off the apron.

Picture in Picture.

Punk fights out of a neck submission with elbows to the gut, Marshall with a pop up punch, then a Liger Bomb, cover, 2 count. Punk hits a high kick, right hands, enziguri, neckbreaker, running knee strike, short arm clothesline, elbow drop from the top. Punk gestures go to sleep… then Punk hits the GTS, cover, 1, 2, 3!


A long celebration for Punk as he goes all around ringside.

Tony Schiavone is with Christian Cage and Jurassic Express. Cage says they have a ton of momentum, they feel unbeatable, when you feel this way, good thing can happen. He will make sure Jurassic Express win the tag team championships.

Commercial Break.

Eddie Kingston is easting backstage. Garcia and 2.0 interrupt. They says his article touched them, but he isn’t hungry anymore, Kingston couldnt help is friend Moxley s let them help him. Kingston attacks them, people run down to pull them apart.

Gunn Club make their entrance. Bear Country are already in the ring.

Gunn Club(Billy and Colton Gunn) vs. Bear Country

Gunn Club attack from behind, Bear Country whip them out of the ring, Bear Boulder press slams Billy. Colton whips Bear into the barricade. Bronson is whipped into the steel steps. Bronson with a exploder suplex to Colton in the ring, Austin Gunn trips Bronson, Colton hits the Colt 45, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Gunn Club!

Darby Allin’s music hits! Sting comes out. Austin Gunn runs to Sting but Darby comes out of nowhere and takes him out. Sting and Darby charge the ring and Gunn Club scatter.

Promo for Battle of the Belts, January 8th.

Adam Cole and Bobby Fish are backstage. They says the last few weeks have sucked. Cole says he is best friends with the Bucks. The Best Friends interrupt. Cole says shut your mouth Chuck. Cole says Orange is a horrible friend, Yuta probably has no friends. Orange and Yuta are not better than Cole and Fish. They are tired of being disrespected. Brandon shut the camera off.

Commercial Break.

Team Taz have an official contract off for Dante Martin. Taz asks why Lio Rush is even here. Lio says this is business they don’t want to be a part off. Dante stops him and signs the contract. Dante leaves with Team Taz!

Jaime Hayter makes her entrance. Rebel and Britt Baker accompany her to the ring. Baker says they will have another champ in their ranks. Thunder Rosa is out next to a huge reaction.

TBS Championship Tournament – Quarterfinals: Thunder Rosa vs. Jaime Hayter

Lock up to start, Rosa with a snapmare, Hayter responds with her own snapmare, Hayter with a slap, Rosa responds with a big slap of her own, Hayter sends Rosa to the outside, Rosa whips Hayter into the barricade. Hayter sends Rosa into the apron, then into the barricade, then into the apron again. Rosa with a chop, back in the ring, Hayter stomps on Rosa. Rosa with a flurry of strikes, Hayter hits a back elbow, a kick to the kidneys, then chokes Rosa in the ropes. Rosa drops Hayter on the ropes, then a dropkick tot he spine.

Rosa drops on Hayter in the ropes, pulls Hayter out of the ring, throws her to the barricade. Rosa with a baseball slide, then a snap suplex on the outside. Hayter catches a crossbody and throws her into the ringpost.

Picture in Picture.

Duel chants as Hayter and Rosa brawl on the top rope, Rosas throws Hayter off and hits a missile dropkick. Rosa with a running clothesline, knees in the turnbuckle, dropkick, cover, 2 count. Hayter hits a backbreaker, cover, 2 count. Hayter hits elbow strikes, Rosa retaliates, hockey fight, Hayter gets the advantage, Rosa hits a Russian Leg Sweep, rolls through, locks in the Peruvian Neck Tie, Baker and Rebel interfere, breaking the submission, Baker accidentally hits a superkick on Hayter, Rosa clears both of them, Rosa gets a roll up on Hayter, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Thunder Rosa!

Team Baker argue in the ring, Hayter pushes Baker away and leaves the ring alone.

Marvez is with Chris Jericho. Jericho gets interrupted by Garcia and 2.0, Jericho says they should go to the hardware store to prep for when Kingston breaks into their house. Says they have a square head, like looks and an ugly SpongeBob. Jericho says if they ever interrupt him, he will knock their teeth down their throat. They leave…

Up next, Danielson vs. Cabana!

Commercial Break.

Baker, Rebel and Tony Schiavone are having Friendsgiving backstage. Baker says if Rosa wins, that belt will be doomed for life. Schiavone introduces a clip of Riho never being eliminated from the battle royale. Riho will face Baker at Rampage, if Riho wins, she’ll gets a title match.

Dark Order’s music hits as Colt Cabana makes his entrance, accompanied by the rest of the Dark Order. Bryan Danielson makes his entrance next.

Bryan Danielson vs. Colt Cabana

Lock up, Cabana gets a headlock, Danielson with a suplex, into an armbar, Cabana gets to the ropes. Lock up, Danielson with a surfboard, Cabana escapes with a surfboard of his own. Danielson escapes with kicks to the hamstring. Danielson with chops in the corner. Danielson hits an armbreaker, kicks to the chest, kicks to the back, uppercut, kicks in the corner. Danielson misses a running dropkick as Cabana moves. Cabana with chops, jabs and a bionic elbow. Danielson hits a German Suplex, running kick in the corner, kicks and chops in the corner.

Cabana with right hands on the top rope, back elbow knocks Danielson to the mat, Cabana hits a moonsault, cover, 2 count, Cabana with elbow strikes, Danielson trips Cabana and hits stomps to the face. Danielson rolls through into the LeBell Lock while flexing, Cabana taps out.

WINNER: Bryan Danielson!

Commercial Break.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring with Danielson. Schiavone says Danielson is undefeated, Danielson says when he debut in Chicago, he got a much different reaction than this, he wonders if its me or you? He calls Chicago fickle, he said he’d kick Cabana’s head in and he kicks his teeth out. Next week they are in Atalanta, he invites any Dark Order member from Atlanta to get their head kicked in.

Hangman Page makes his entrance! Page faces off with Danielson. Page says Danielson made his point, and that’s the last. This building holds a special place in his heart, he will defend the title right here, right now. Danielson says of course he would say that after he had wrestled a match, that’s not cowboy shit, its coward shit. Page says he isn’t leaving Chicago without a fight. He give Danielson a free shot… Danielson says don’t insult him, but hits Page anyway. They brawl, Page hits the boot, goes for the Buckshot but Danielson escapes and leaves up the ramp.

Video package for Ruby Soho vs. Kris Statlander.

The lights cut out… Malakai Black is sitting on the stage, Black makes his entrance. FTR are out next, accompanied by Tully Blanchard. Andrade El Idolo makes his entrance last.

Commercial Break.

Death Triangle make their entrance together. The lights cut out to huge boos as Cody Rhodes makes his entrance. Arn Anderson comes out of the tunnel to accompany Cody to the ring.

All 8 men stare each other down before going to their corner.

Eight Man Tag Match: Cody Rhodes, Pac & The Lucha Brothers vs. Andrade El Idolo, Malakai Black & FTR

Cody and Harwood start. Lock up, Dax gets Cody to the corner then breaks. Lock up, Cody with a headlock, shoulder tackle. Dax with a headlock, shoulder tackle, kick tot he gut, Cody dodges a slingshot suplex, Cody with an uppercut, powerslam, Cody takes off his belt and flings it into the crowd. Pac tags in… the crowd throws the belt back into the ring!

Andrade takes the belt and throws it under then ring. Pac hits a back elbow, forearm, Dax with a back suplex, Cash tags in, elbow, Pac with a hip toss, Cody somehow has his belt back… Pac drops Cash, bodyslam, Penta tags in, stomp to the… groin? Penta with chops, Cash chops back, Penta hits a superkick, Cash with a big clothesline, Andrade tags in and makes the cover, 2 count. Penta with an inside cradle, 1 count. Andrade with a boot to the face, back elbow, Fenix tags in, enziguri, hurricanrana, dropkick, cover, 1 count.

Penta tags in, Death Triangle with a triple kick, cover, 2 count. Cody tags himself in, Andrade with a forearm, the heel team beats down Cody behind the refs back. Black tags in, Cody tags out to Fenix, Fenix hits a double cutter, superkick, arm drag/hurricanrana, roundhouse kick to Black. Tully blocks a dive, Black with a back heel trip, whips Fenix to the corner.

Picture in Picture.

Cash rips at Fenix’s mask, Cash misses a 619, Fenix hits a roundhouse kick, Penta tags in, crossbody, double DDT, backstabber to Andrade, cover, 2 count. Pac hits a a missile dropkick, uppercut, to FTR, German Suplex to Black, dive to the outside on all of them. Pac with combination kick to Andrade, Cash hits a backbreaker, Penta hits the Made in Japan, Dax hits a piledriver, Fenix with a missile dropkick, Black hits a high knee, Cody hits the Final Cut, throws hit belt into the crowd, Cody accidentally hits PAc with a superkick, Andrade hits aan elbow, Pac belly to ebllys Andrade intot he turnbuckles.

Arn and Tully get up on the apron and stare each other down. They get in the ring, Jose gets in, takes off his jacket, Tully and Arn take him out. Fenix dives onto FTR, Penta with a slingblade, Lucha Bros take FTR out of the ring with clotheslines, suicide dives to FTR. Black hits the Black Mist on Pac, Andrade hits the Hammerlock DDT, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Malakai Black, Andrade El Idolo & FTR!

Commentary plugs Rampage on Friday as Dynamite goes off the air.

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