Jade Cargill is going through lot of good things in her career. Cargill recently appeared before national television in the November 13th AEW Dynamite episode. She hit some very interesting angles, even calling out Cody Rhodes on behalf of Shaquille O’Neal.

Cargill, however, had no preparations for it whatsoever. The AEW superstar revealed to PWInsider while speaking with them that it was a “sink or swim” moment for her. Cargill said that not once had her words rehearsed, or practiced with anyone else.

So people don’t know that I had no practice prior to me being out there on national TV. I not once rehearsed my lines, not once had I held that microphone. It was a sink or swim situation. Understand a lot of people from AEW have worked Indies, they’ve worked for other companies. They’ve been prepared for this moment. For me, it was a sink or swim situation.  I knew that if I fell and broke my face, everybody would sit up there, and they would never forget this moment at all. So I was like, “You know what, Jade? We’re going to go out there. You have something to represent. Don’t stumble on your lines.

The AEW superstar told herself several times that she was not going to fumble up her lines. She added that she had to tell herself that the company has chosen to put their faith in her, and that she was not going to disappoint anyone. She had made up her mind, that she would deliver on what she had to work with.


That’s one thing I told myself was not stumble on your lines. I’ve spoke on TV before and being that I am a college athlete, I’ve taken classes, so that helped me out a long way. But I told myself, “You know what, Jade? We’re going to go out here. We’re going to show them what you’re made out of. TK put the trust in you. This company has put the trust in you, and you’re going to go out here and deliver.” It was very nerve wracking. But I talked myself up. I told myself I can do it, and I did it. As long as I finished, that’s all that mattered to me that night.  It was frustrating but fun.

Cargill was asked about how long ago did she know that she was going to have the segment on national TV. She said that she only knew about it a couple of days ago. However, she added that the specifics about it were not worked out at all. Not even Britt Baker or Cody Rhodes, she added, had any idea.

It was a couple of days, and I just psyched myself up. I didn’t know how long I had, I didn’t know bullets. I didn’t know anything. I just know I had to go out there and hit some points and that’s it. That’s what I did. I didn’t rehearse with anybody. Nobody knew what I was going to say, so when Brandi had came out, she had no idea what I was going to say. Cody didn’t know what I was going to say. Nobody knew what I was going to say.

The AEW diva remains to be totally undefeated in the AEW singles competition. She recently fought tooth and nail against Red Velvet and came out the victor, clearing more of the way for her to appear on semi-finals of the TBS Championship tournament.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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