Ruby Soho made quite the impression in WWE within the Riott Squad faction. She didn’t at all get the opportunity to show how talented she was in the ring like she is now in AEW, but her former teammates are still very special to her it would seem. She said so much on a recent episode of AEW Unrestricted.

She spoke about Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan in detail and mentioned that there are certain patches on the jacket she wears out to the ring over in AEW, that are dedications to the aforementioned two wrestlers. She said:

“When Sarah first got released, Liv and I both wanted to take her with us every time we entered the ring. Every single time, we always wanted to have her with us…because, who we were as a team, wouldn’t be anything without each other. We were sisters on-screen and off-screen.

Those are my best friends in the whole world. They are the reason I am who I am today. The performer I am today and the woman I am today, is because of those two girls. We are so different that we just complimented each other really well and just brought out the best I think, in each other. So we always wanted to carry her with us. So both of us had the patch on our jacket to represent Sarah. It was over our hearts.


When I was coming in to debut for AEW, I realized I wanted to carry that on and bring them with me always. I always have them here. But I wanted to make sure I brought them both with me to the ring, They were my strength and they still are my strength. I thought it was really important with having these patches that all have a lot of meaning to me. Those are the ones that mean the most because I take my girls with me, always.”

She went on to state that in AEW she is being pushed like never before. As stated above, that is shown in her many performances in the ring. Frame by frame the matches showcase a level of talent that was sort of at times diminished over in WWE. She stated that she’s had to boost her cardio regimen, and that is speaking volumes in the ring for sure. She is making the Riott Squad and its fans very proud.

*Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote.

Domenic Marinelli

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