Jeff Hardy is one of WWE’s most seasoned veterans. His experience spans all the way back to his teenage years along with his brother Matt Hardy. His wisdom about pro wrestling is unrivaled. It’s been fun to watch him go from the exciting youngster to the grizzled veteran.

Hardy recently told Metro News that he loves working with the influx of new talent in WWE. He’s constantly working with them on ideas to pitch. He knows what works and what doesn’t in Vince McMahon‘s world. He’s obviously made mistakes that he can help others avoid.

“My thoughts are running wild with ideas because I feel like I am, in the end, known with WWE because I’m an older guy. I’ve been around a long time,” Jeff Hardy admitted.

“The newer talent’s coming up from NXT like crazy, every week it seems like there’s somebody different there. And it’s like, ‘Oh God, here’s the future coming to knock out the present and the past.’”


WWE has recently placed a major emphasis on youth in the company. For those NXT superstars lucky enough to make it through the system while Jeff Hardy is still around, there is a lot to learn. Jeff’s more than willing to share.

Jeff Hardy is a six-time world champion as a singles wrestler between his time in WWE and TNA/Impact Wrestling. He’s held eleven major tag team championships. While WWE is trending towards the younger side, it is worth having experience like that in the locker room.

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