WWE has tried to present something different with their new vision for NXT 2.0. In addition to sticking to younger, less experienced wrestlers, they’ve introduced a dramatic and colorful set redesign. The matches have been shorter and filled with more high spots, as well.

As ratings decline and the show fails to capture the key demographic audience, changes will likely come. Now, a new report suggests that the idea has been floated to make the show a little edgier. WrestleVotes has reported that a move to TV-14 programming could be coming soon.

“Within the origins of this NXT 2.0 concept was an idea that the programs rating would shift from TV-PG to TV-14. Source confirms that’s still very much on the table and USA Network is not opposed. If / when WWE decides to make the change is TBD.”

It sounds like the company is leaning towards making the leap. While some advertisers might be turned off, keep in mind that this won’t be the kind of TV-MA content produced during the Attitude Era. It fits the bill of WWE wanting a fresh show that speaks to a young audience.


WWE appears to be going with a quantity-over-quality approach to the brand. With shorter contracts and regular talent releases coming (perhaps already here), things are going to move extremely fast. The approach is to try as many different things as possible, and you’re bound to wind up with something that works.

Time will tell if the changes bring success for the NXT brand. WWE is all-in on the new approach to how they present their brand of wrestling. It’s a big risk, but they’re sticking to it.

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