A former WWE superstar who also spent time with Extreme Championship Wrestling is accusing John Cena of some serious charges. Former PG-13 tag team member Wolfie D says Cena infringed severely upon his gimmick when Cena decided to start rapping. Wolfie says the “Doctor of Thuganomics” was a complete rip-off.

Speaking to Monte & The Pharaoh on the LI#1 Pro Wrestling Broadcast, Wolfie D made a direct accusation toward Cena. He says Cena took everything, from the jean shorts to the tennis shoes. He said the theft helped launch John Cena towards becoming the last great WWE superstar.

“I agree with that [John Cena being WWE’s last truly great superstar]. I just have a personal bias to it because that guy right there standing behind you with the shorts and the tennis shoes and all that, I was the first guy to do that gimmick. I think that John Cena is a complete rip-off of PG-13, Wolfie D, whatever you wanna say.”

PG-13 was a popular act in Jerry Lawler‘s USWA. They also worked few matches in ECW, notably on the 1997 Hardcore Heaven pay-per-view where they challenged The Dudley Boyz for the ECW Tag Team titles. They joined WWE in 1996 where they served as hype men and members of the Nation of Domination.


The team was released in June of ’97 before making their ECW appearances. They appeared on WCW Thunder sporadically in the early 2000’s. The duo of Wolfie D and J.C. Ice (Jamie Dundee) were sixteen-time USWA Tag Team champions.

The gimmick was certainly similar to Cena’s, but obviously The Champ had a more well-realized vision for where to take it. Everything in wrestling is influenced by something that came before it. Fans can judge for themselves as to whether they think John Cena ripped off PG-13.

Do you think John Cena was thinking of PG-13 when he came up with his rapper gimmick? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription!

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