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Tonight’s SmackDown will feature a match between Universal Champion Roman Reigns and King of the Ring winner Xavier Woods after Woods defeated Jimmy Uso on last week’s show.

It should be interesting to see how things play out on tonight’s show.


SmackDown begins live with Sonya Deville in the ring with Shotzi, Natalya, Shayna Baszler and Aliyah, the SmackDown women’s Survivor Series team. Deville then introduces team captain Sasha Banks who makes her entrance. Banks enters the ring and immediately confronts Shotzi. Naomi’s music hits and Naomi runs to the ring and attacks Baszler, and eventually a brawl breaks out in the ring with everyone.

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Sasha Banks, Naomi & Aliyah vs Shayna Baszler, Shotzi & Natalya

SmackDown returns with Banks and Natalya kicking off our opening match. Natalya hits a shoulder tackle and Banks hits a face buster and covers for two. Baszler is tagged in and takes down Banks and then hits a cheap shot to Naomi. Aliyah is tagged in and hits a drop kick. Shotzi is tagged in and slams Aliyah to the mat and hits a senton. Natalya tags in and stomps Aliyah in the corner. Natalya tries a suplex but Aliyah counters into a roll up for two. Baszler is tagged in and goes for the Kirafuda clutch but Aliyah rolls through and tags in Naomi. Naomi goes after Baszler but Natalya makes the blind tag. Natalya hits a suplex to the outside off the apron. Natalya then hits a snap suplex on the floor and throws Naomi back in the ring. Natalya hits a spinning lariat and covers for two. Baszler is tagged in and throws Naomi to the barricade outside.

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The match returns live with Shotzi covering Naomi for two. Baszler is tagged in and hits a stomp on Naomi’s elbow. Baszler locks in the Kirafuda clutch but Naomi escapes with an elbow. Naomi hits an enziguri and crawls to the corner and tag in Aliyah as Natalya is tagged in. Aliyah hits a flying cross body and a neck breaker and covers for two. Natalya goes for the sharp shooter but Aliyah rolls out. Natalya eventually locks the hold in but Aliyah gets a roll up for the three count.

Winners: Sasha Banks, Naomi & Aliyah

Backstage Sami Zayn is seen speaking about himself as a locker room leader and a team captain, the camera pans out and Zayn is shown talking to a mirror. Jeff Hardy i backstage looking on and Zayn eventually notices Hardy and is embarrassed. Hardy insults Zayn’s speech as Zayn walks off.

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Back live with Aliyah interviewed backstage. Aliyah is overjoyed at her victory when Sonya Deville confronts her. Deville says that she has just been advised that Aliyah is no longer on the Survivor Series team. Deville takes a phone call and walks away.

Universal Champion Roman Reigns is interviewed backstage. Reigns denies the interview and tells Heyman to talk. Heyman says Woods will acknowledge Reigns tonight and if Reigns violates the stipulation tonight he can be stripped of the Universal Championship and banished from SmackDown.

Rick Boogs shows up on stage and introduces Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura and plays him down to the ring on his guitar.

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Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs vs Los Lotharios

Boogs and Humberto start the match with a lock up. Boogs hits a belly to belly suplex and a gut wrench slam. Humberto hits an elbow and Angel is tagged in. Angel hits a knee to the head and tags Humberto back in. The team hit a double drop kick and Humberto covers for two. Angel tags in and hits a basement drop kick and locks in a chin lock. Boogs powers up and breaks the hold and slams Angel into the corner. Nakamura is tagged in as is Humberto. Nakamura hits a kick to the head and hits a baseball slide neck breaker. Nakamura hits a flying knee from the top rope. Nakamura goes for a Kinshasa but Angel pulls Humberto out of the ring. Los Lotharios hit a high low take down and go for the cover for three.

Winners: Los Lotharios

Backstage Sami Zayn goes up to Adam Pearce and demands Jeff Hardy be removed from the Survivor Series team, Pearce says that Zayn will face Hardy tonight and the loser will be removed from the team.

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SmackDown returns with SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair in the ring. Charlotte calls out Survivor Series opponent Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. Charlotte says there is nothing natural about her and calls her a fabricated champion. Charlotte says she will prove at Survivor Series that she is superior to Lynch and that not only will she beat Lynch, she can beat any woman who steps through the ropes. Charlotte says that sharing the ring with her is enough to make a star out of someone. Charlotte is interrupted by Toni Storm who comes out says that Charlotte does not help make new stars and questions how she hasn’t defended the title since coming to SmackDown and Storm challenges Charlotte for a title match tonight. Charlotte says “absolutely not” and leaves the ring.

King Woods is interviewed backstage and he says that he will not bend the knee to Reigns. Woods takes a serious tone and says the New Day has had a rough week and that will stop tonight as Woods will storm the island of relevancy and plant his flag in the name of King Woods.

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Jeff Hardy vs Sami Zayn

The match begins with a lock up. Zayn slams Hardy down by the hair. Hardy hits a hip toss and covers for two. Zayn hits a knee to the chest and follows with punches to the head on the mat. Zayn leaves the ring but Hardy hits a drop kick through the ropes and throws Zayn into the barricade. Hardy goes for an elbow drop but Zayn dodges to send Hardy crashing into the barricade.

*Commercial break*

Back live with Zayn going for a cover for a two count. Zayn goes for a chin lock and Hardy fights to his feet and breaks the hold. Hardy hits a lariat and an inverted atomic drop. Hardy covers for two. Hardy goes up top and hits the whisper in the wind and gets a two off a cover. Zayn escapes the twist of fate and gets a back slide cover for a two count. Zayn goes for a roll up with his feet on the hopes and the ref stops counting after noticing. Hardy hits the twist of fate and the swanton and covers for three.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

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Back live with Ridge Holland interviewed. Holland calls Sheamus his idol and thought he would never make it out of his home and make good money by hurting people. Holland is interrupted by Cesaro, Cesaro says he’s known Sheamus for a very long time. Cesaro warns Holland about Sheamus. Holland says he is taking Cesaro’s place and he will be Sheamus’ partner and they will be better than the Bar ever was.

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Roman Reigns vs King Woods

Our main event begins with a lock up, Reigns hits a strong right hand to send Woods to the corner. Woods hits a drop kick to send Reigns out of the ring. Woods hits a drop kick through the ropes. Reigns answers with a big right hand and slams Woods onto the announce table.

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SmackDown returns with Woods hitting a kick to the head and Reigns hits a big boot and covers for two. Reigns hits an uppercut and Woods comes back with a DDT. Woods hits a chop and Reigns hits a knee to the mid section. Woods ducks a lariat and hits a right hand and a heel kick, Woods covers for two. Woods goes to the top but Reigns hits a right hand. Woods dives but Reigns catches and slams Woods to the mat. Reigns goes for the spear but Woods hits a super kick. Woods goes to the top rope and hits the elbow drop. Woods covers but The Usos pull Woods out of the ring to cause the DQ.

Winner by Disqualification: King Woods

After the bell The Usos attack Woods with the stairs. With Woods on the outside, Reigns takes a knee in the ring and the Usos place the crown on Reigns. SmackDown ends with Reigns wearing the crown.

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown. Let us know what you thought and we’ll see you back here next Friday for more SmackDown coverage. Until then, stay safe!

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