Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado were part of the recent WWE talent purge. It was widely reported that the duo had previously requested their releases. Now, we know more about why the Lucha House Party duo wanted to leave the company.

The team was asked to lose to Angel Garza and Humberto Carillo on a throwaway Main Event match. It is believed Dorado was being punished and being forced to eat the pinfall. Dorado and Metalik then asked for their releases. This week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter goes into more detail.

“The story behind the releases of Dorado & Metalik is that both asked for their release after being asked to lose on Main Event to Garza & Carrillo on 9/13 in Boston. The story behind it is that there were those in the company who viewed this as punishment for Dorado, who was booked to lose the fall (usually that would be Metalik when the team would lose) to a makeshift team. At the time there were no plans for Garza & Carrillo and Dorado was hot after the match and asked to talk to Vince.

As you can imagine, that wasn’t viewed well, wanting to talk to Vince over the result of a match on Main Event that almost nobody would ever see outside of Canada. Dorado was the one who asked out first after this match and Metalik agreed to do it as well. We were told that Metalik had wanted out but he was not the kind of a guy who would have asked out.


The belief is that more likely than not they would not have survived this round of cuts either way.

Lince Dorado says he’s been feeling great since his WWE release. The team was frustrated with their place on the roster and wanted to move on. WWE was jobbing them out in matches nobody cares to see. Nobody appears to be harmed in the separation.

Reports had been circulating for a while that Metalik and Dorado were unhappy with the company. They had been spotted backstage having meatings with management to discuss what they perceived as misuse. WWE is probably happy to have one less personnel issue and the wrestlers will surely find work elsewhere.

Lince Dorado had been with WWE since 2016. Gran Metalik came in at the same time. They were to be centerpieces of the WWE cruiserweight division, but the relationship appears to have soured and now the parties will go their separate ways.

Where do you think Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik will wind up? Let us know in the comments!

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