Carmelo Hayes has that special something to make him a big star in WWE. It’s as simple as that, and he’s been proving it on NXT. He also proved it on the indies wrestling as Christian Casanova, and he’s proving it with what can certainly be called a scathing promo.

There are many that have been saying it for a while now…NXT is a serious landscape in professional wrestling and despite the brand’s loss in the ratings to AEW when they went head-to-head on Wednesday nights, they still put forth one of the better WWE products right now, and that goes for before the revamp and now after.

Carmelo Hayes put forth what can be considered harsh words, but confident words…words that you can’t help believing – no matter how much you love the veterans he warns in his scathing promo that may seem like a work, but according to him, is very much a shoot.

“Hey, this is to all of you veterans that are pressed at the fact I’m calling myself The A Champion. I’ll let you know right now, I don’t care what you guys think – Tommaso Ciampa, Pete Dunne, Johnny Gargano, I’m not worried about y’all, I’m gonna keep doing what I’m doing because at the end of the day when I get in the ring I don’t frickin’ miss


So from this point on, this is my show, this is my brand, I’m the new face of NXT and that’s all there is, that’s all it’s gonna be, and y’all can just kiss my a**”

Carmelo Hayes then tweeted: “Not a wrestling promo I really feel this way”

The fact that he’s not worried about veterans in NXT shouldn’t be a big problem. A load of veteran performers in the brand are reportedly on the chopping block.

It looks like Hayes will be facing Johnny Gargano in the future, although with Gargano’s contract set to expire this upcoming January, this needs to happen soon, if it is to happen at all. If Gargano chooses to stay with NXT, renewing his contract.

This would be the epic way for Hayes to move past the so-called veterans, as he puts it…moving through both Gargano in a singles match and eventually Ciampa. For right now though, he has the North-American Championship to defend, and the sky’s the limit right now over at NXT 2.0 at just who he can defend that belt against.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

Domenic Marinelli

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