WWE ended SmackDown last week with the Bloodline beating down the New Day in brutal fashion. One would assume that attack will rile up Big E as the company prepares for a champion vs champion match at Survivor Series, but the angle was also a late change of plans.

Ringside News was told that “the Bloodline was a change made late in the day and I don’t know what led to it.” We were not told what the original plans were.

It is interesting that Kofi Kingston received a brunt of that attack from the Bloodline and then he was not included in the 2021 Survivor Series team. We will have to wait and see what his involvement will be in the weeks to come. It could also give an opportunity to write Kofi Kingston out of the situation for a bit.

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman have a unique amount of pull backstage in WWE. They also have the trust of Vince McMahon to make those calls.


It was not confirmed who made the call to change the closing moments of SmackDown last week, but that was not the original plan when they charted out the show.

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