WWE has recently let go of lot of wrestlers as a result of their budget cuts. It now appears that the company is not yet done with its contract releases.

On a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed the recent releases. Meltzer was of the opinion that the company is heading in a different direction, opting for fresher talent.

Meltzer also revealed that there are about 10 more wrestlers that WWE was considering releasing from contract this week, but decided not to. However, these 10 names are not entirely off the hook.

Of all the people that were cut, there were probably about 10 others that were in strong discussion about being cut.


Meltzer explained that while NXT was originally intended to be a touring brand, but the idea now is to go for younger talent. Meltzer also stated that even legacy stars like Ciampa might not be entirely safe.

Meltzer also dropped other names, such as Danny Burch and Timothy Thatcher, and while he didn’t say that they would be released, he stated that their names were definitely considered, along with “everyone in their 30s that’s not on TV right now.”

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