Seth Rollins is known for his extreme and cunning antiques as heel. However, his personality as a pro-wrestler is very positive. Many state that Rollins is an absolute gentleman to work with. His wife Becky Lynch would definitely confirm the same, and now another name has been added to the list.

Lance Storm took to revealing about Rollins in Q&A with Storm gave Rollins a lot of praise over how easy it was to work with him in his production days. He said that while being a huge part of the show, Rollins was able to do his job with a lot of ease.

I can’t say enough good things about Seth Rollins. I produced a lot of segments with Seth Rollins. A lot of times with Seth, it was me and Michael Hayes. It was at the time where Seth Rollins was a big frickin part of the show. You get the Seth Rollins segment, and it’s like, ok, he has two backstage segments, he has an in-ring promo, then he has a promo before his match. The dude has like eight segments. He’s running full tilt all day and very easy to work with.

Storm revealed an instance where he was working with Seth Rollins and a decision needed to be made about the direction of his flip. While Rollins initially said right, Storm protested left. At the end of the day, Rollins went with Storm’s decision without any fuss.


When you get to him, it’s like, ‘We need to work this out’, and he’s like, ‘Alright.’ He gets called away, he comes back, and he’s got eight balls in the air.  He’s always easy to deal with.  There was one time in particular. He was working with Mysterio. Again, he’s got like eight balls in the air. They’re debating this one spot into the near fall. He went to go the one way, and I’m like, ‘No.’ He looked at me and said, ‘Really?’ and I’m like, ‘Yea.’ He said, ‘Ok’, and they went the other way. That’s where again, he has 87 balls in the air. I’m focused on this one thing, and he was willing to trust me that this is good. He probably shouldn’t spend an hour debating this point. He’s got 18 balls in the air. So, I really loved working with Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins still has a dark side to him, which he reveals by stating his hatred for football. Edge showed off his scars after hellish match with Seth Rollins. His wife Becky Lynch recently said that she is down for an on-screen reunion with Seth Rollins.

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