Jonah Rock, the former Bronson Reed of NXT, has been busy talking to many promotions for his pro wrestling future, and it seems as though NJPW is very interested in the young talent, as we’ve been reporting. Impact wrestling has expressed interest in him as well.

It would seem as though the New Japan Pro Wrestling bit is of a little more relevance right now as we may have expected. Fightful has reported on a new development and a possible play for the young talent made by NJPW.

“Fightful has learned that Bronson Reed, who is going by his previous moniker of Jonah Rock, has some major interest from multiple top wrestling companies. Sources within the company have indicated that New Japan Pro Wrestling has made a big play to gain Jonah Rock’s services.

He was released by NXT earlier this year after being crowned North American Champion. NJPW announced recently that they’d also landed Buddy Murphy.”

The acquisition of either (or perhaps both) of the pro wrestlers mentioned above, would undoubtedly be a good one for NJPW, and as things stand right now, a signing with either promotion suggests possible appearances for both promotions, as we’ve seen with so many wrestlers in recent history to walk out into the Impact Zone.

The ‘Forbidden Door ,’ as far as AEW is concerned, is up in the air right now, but the exchange of talent between Impact and NJPW have remained strong, as it would seem. Minoru Suzuki is having a match there this upcoming week, teaming with Moose and W. Morrissey to go against Josh Alexander, Matt Cardona and Eddie Edwards, so who knows what else will occur if and when Jonah appears with NJPW.

Another bonus to think about here is the experience factor. Having NJPW on your resume is a massive boost, and after suffering the release from NXT, he needs this big time and it would send the right message to the pro wrestling community, thus furthering his career.

Domenic Marinelli

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