It seems that Cody Rhodes has no issues with pointing back to his achievements in WWE despite his ugly divorce from that company. It’s no news that he and the company parted with quite a wee bit of ill-will. This doesn’t mean that he can’t look back and fondly remember some old memories.

The Usos are undeniably doing very well in WWE and The Bloodline faction really has the run of both the Universal Title division and the Tag Title division over at SmackDown. Now if the rumors that they can get Naomi in on the faction, and she subsequently takes the Women’s title, then there certainly will be no stopping The Bloodline for sure.

Back to Cody though, he had quiet the run with WWE and the match he draws attention to in his tweet proves that, and this is despite his obvious bitter end with the titan wrestling promotion, as mentioned. His tweet shows he holds the performers at WWE, like the Usos, in very high regard indeed.

“Damn, time flies. These matches were dope – world class bunch of competitors.”

Cody and his brother (Goldust at the time) were paired up and had quite the run as tag champs. It was at Hell in a Cell 2013 that he and his brother would defend their tag titles against not only the Usos, but also the Shield’s Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

Cody’s obvious compliment to the WWE stars shows that he is capable of being the bigger gentleman, many might say, as Roman Reigns has not been so kind in public statements he’s made about current AEW stars that were former WWE stars.

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