Sasha Banks only returned to the ring a while ago. While most fans wondered about her whereabouts, she’s quickly spread her name throughout the headlines upon her return. Banks has once again called out Trish Stratus, and recently jacked CM Punk’s famous catchphrase.

Banks was recently interviewed by the Bleacher Report, where she talked about plethora of things. The WWE superstar was a part of Disney+’s Star Wars: The Mandalorian, where she played Koska Reeves in the season 2 of the series. She told the Bleacher Report that she’s not on the show’s season 3.

First of all, thanks for trying to get that out, but I’m not on the next season. But it was incredible being on The Mandalorian on Star Wars. To be on a franchise that is so huge and so loved, just look at the reception from fans outside of the WWE Universe. It was the best feeling of all time. The projection of that show was overwhelming. I legit felt like I was in a galaxy so far, far away. I felt like I was on a different planet.

She continued to talk about the show, and said that the show really aided her performance and confidence in WWE. It was an unexpected learning curve for her, and it’s going well in this new Hollywood world, she added. While she isn’t appearing in season 3, she shared her excitement for the newer content. She said while talking about her scene with Luke Skywalker:


I was in the scene as well, so I had to know a little bit, I read the script. But it was so cool watching it as well because every time The Mandalorian came on, it was always on a Friday so it was right before I went to work at SmackDown. I was watching as a fan with everybody else and freaking out even though I’m on the show and then I walked to work. Everybody backstage was freaking out, and it’s just so cool to see your co-workers freak out about something that’s not just wrestling. It’s usually, ‘Great match!’ or ‘Great segment!’ Instead it’s, ‘You’re on freaking Star Wars, The Mandalorian.’ That episode was so cool and I was like, ‘Yep, of course I am.’

Sasha Banks’ return made tremendous strides in WWE. Upon returning, she explained her hiatus as taking breaks so that she can stay on the top. As Squid Game trends, Banks said that she would love to play part in a similar project. She recently surprised a 9-year old cancer survivor with tickets to WWE Raw.

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