Bray Wyatt, otherwise known these days as Windham Rotunda; especially since his WWE release, has been pretty active on social media – particularly Twitter. He has done his fair share of posting cryptic messages, and even referencing his past in WWE.

These messages have attracted a lot of attention, and they’ve also sparked a lot of the rumors regarding just where he will be doing his wrestling once his no-compete clause with WWE expires by month’s end.

The internet went insane after rumors that he would premiere in Rochester, New York on an episode of Dynamite were running rampant, but of course that didn’t happen for obvious reasons, despite the fact that even Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer stated that it might have been a serious possibility at one point.

Recently though, AEW’s Tony Khan spoke about Wyatt, stating that although he has spoken to Wyatt, the two have not discussed the possibility of him wrestling for AEW. Khan did add that he would love to have him aboard, however.

So no, there are no definitive answers as to just where or even when Bray Wyatt, or Rotunda, might be wrestling again, but Ring Of Honor rumors were undoubtedly spawned after a response on Twitter that Wyatt sent out. It must be noted here that on Twitter, Rotunda has yet to remove the Wyatt name, which is apparently trademarked by WWE.

This fact has fueled rumors that he was with the company still or would be re-signing at a lower salary (WWE), yet those rumors were shut down after WWE apparently made some statements regarding Wyatt; his behavior at the end of his tenure with the company. WWE stated that he was difficult and out of shape, essentially. Harsh words indeed, and for such an attraction such as Rotunda. Many felt that this statement was a try at devaluing Rotunda, but this is conjecture.

Regarding the recent tweets and responses, the whole thing was a back and forth on the Twitter platform, one fan tweeting that he would love Wyatt to face Orange Cassidy in AEW. Another responded, saying that he would love Wyatt to face ROH’s very own Danhausen, the evil tooth collector.

It was to this that Wyatt would respond, tweeting:

“We should unite instead. How very evil of us.”

Now how about that for a hint? If they would unite, it would mean quite a boost for Danhausen, who’s been rising in popularity in recent years, and quite the boost for ROH, but time will undoubtedly tell. The end of October is nigh, and it’ll be interesting to see where Rotunda ends up.

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