Kayla Braxton started on NXT and her responsibilities only grew from there. After getting a main roster call-up, Braxton was soon the host of WWE The Bump and Talking Smack. She is also a fan favorite and her longevity in the company proved that.

Miss Braxton announced via Twitter that she has been with WWE for a total of 5 years. Time certainly flies when you’re having fun it would seem. Kayla is tremendous at what she brings to the table on WWE’s The Bump, as well as the many segments of SmackDown she’s done over the years in her role as broadcaster.

She formerly was a broadcaster for WESH 2, an NBC affiliate. Braxton is certainly a fan favorite. Her segments with Paul Heyman are favored by many. If it wasn’t their verbal battles on Talking Smack, then it’s her constant pestering of the pro wrestling business legend and creative mind. Always good for some laughs.

It was on Twitter that she thanked Michael Cole for giving her the job she’s enjoyed and held for this half decade. She stated hilariously that it was a great decision on his part. She said:


“I just wanna congratulate @MichaelCole for hiring me on this day 5 years ago! Everyone go tag Michael Cole today and tell him what a great decision that was!”

It also so happens to be yet another anniversary in WWE. As it would turn out, NXT UK just turned three, and that’s surely reason to celebrate. NXT UK has unearthed some pretty epic talents over the years. Talents that have crossed over onto the NXT brand. Such tremendous talents include Walter, Pete Dunne, the current NXT United Kingdom Champion Ilja Dragunov, and so many others.

The brand tweeted a statement as well to commemorate the occasion:

“Thank you to the incredibly talented competitors, the hard work behind the scenes and the roars and the passion of the @NXTUK Universe. The main event caliber clashes of day one veterans to the rising stars taking titles and making moments … this is NXT UK.”

It was way back on October 17th of 2018 that the show and brand got under way, and what a three years it has undoubtedly been.

Domenic Marinelli

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