WWE did something with Roman Reigns they never did with the likes of Hulk Hogan and John Cena: they pulled the trigger on him into a full-blown heel. There’s no denying that turning Roman heels is one of the smartest things the powers-that-be have done in years.

Adding Paul Heyman to the mix has only added to the excitement and intensity of the angle. The 56-year-old is arguably one of the greatest managers this industry has ever seen. Heyman is so good at what he does. You ask him to cut a promo on a broom stick and he’ll put it over in convincing fashion.

In an interview with Rick Ucchino, the “Special Counsel to the Tribal Chief” said he dares anyone to step up to Roman Reigns and experience their “moment of fame” before the current WWE Universal Champion destroys them like he always does.

Heyman also name dropped few WWE superstars as potential opponents for Reigns. “All of them,” he said. “Any of them and of them,” he continued in an apparent reference to superstars on both the red and blue brands.

“They’re all welcome to get smashed by Roman Reigns. Drew McIntyre, Humberto Carrillo, Angel Garza, Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, former World Heavyweight Champion. Any of these people want to step up to ‘The Tribal Chief’, we need sacrifices on the Island of Relevancy. We are welcome to give them their moment of fame in being smashed by Roman Reigns.”

Heyman also spoke about Reigns’ upcoming title bout against former client Brock Lesnar, but refused to give out any spoilers for the highly-anticipated contest. The two will face off at WWE’s “Crown Jewel” event in Riyadh on October 21.

“Spoilers are the worst thing imaginable, except when I deliver them. The spoiler that I can tell you about [SmackDown] is the same spoiler I can tell you about Crown Jewel: it will be worth the investment of your time to watch.”

Tonight’s SmackDown is the last one before Crown Jewel and the hype surrounding it makes it a must-see. WWE are really stepping up their game with the Reigns-Lesnar feud. Let’s hope they continue with the same momentum.

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Manik Aftab

Manik Aftab is a news writer at Ringside News. He has been an avid fan of professional wrestling since 2000. His earliest memories of pro wrestling involved The Rock taking on The McMahon-Helmsley faction in 2000. Outside of his writing responsibilities, Manik is a fan of fiction, thrillers, comics, manga and anime. He’s an occasional journalist and likes to spend his free time watching movies and reading stuff about politics, science, medicine, etc. Manik also enjoys jogs in the park and workouts in the gym.  Manik is also a big of rock bands including Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Metallica, Drowning Pool, Breaking Point, and Skillet. His current favorite wrestler is Kazuchika Okada and his favorite wrestler of all time is The Rock.

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