Many gamers and fans of WWE were undoubtedly awaiting the release of WWE 2K22…a release that has been put off. New developments have come to light as to why exactly the game was delayed, according to report at Fightful.

The game would have been released in 2021, but the slated date was moved to 2022. This of course isn’t big news now, as it’s been known for a spell. The news comes in the form of the many releases that WWE made this year.

As was reported on by many wrestling news sources, massive releases were made to the talent roster, and both on the main brands, Raw and SmackDown and also on NXT.

Big names released by the company include Braun Strowman and of course Bray Wyatt, who is probably the biggest shock of all. Although they all hurt pretty significantly. These releases were apparently made because of budget cuts that affected the entire company, even those in the head office.


And while Strowman and Wyatt may be headed to greener pastures, WWE is still feeling the effects of their decisions. And in this particular case, it just so happens to be in the release of this game.

According to a recent piece at, the original draft of the game had included at most four (if not more of the recently released superstars.

When a source was approached at Visual Concepts, the makers of the WWE 2K games, the answer that was given was simply: “We are working on things.” According to WWE 2K2 on YouTube, the game is slated to be released in March of 2022.

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