The head of AEW Tony Khan says that we are about to witness another golden era in the world of professional wrestling.

Tony Khan has been a wrestling fan since childhood and All Elite Wrestling is his work of passion rather than just business. Since opening up shop two years ago, AEW has changed the landscape of the wrestling world. Khan had faith that AEW would succeed, unlike the others before him who tried to rival WWE and failed. Speaking to DAZN, Khan said the following:

“I fully believed that AEW was going to work so no one would’ve persuaded me otherwise. There’s another interview that I did and it’s clear that my father thought it was a bad idea, but I always knew I had the drive, desire and knowledge to make it work. I back myself in a big way in these situations and I like to think that I’ve built up the business acumen to make AEW the best wrestling company in the world. When you have that fire inside you to make something work then why would you listen to anyone else?

Tony Khan compares WCW’s Bash at the Beach 96 to All Out. Bash at the Beach saw Hulk Hogan assisting Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to create the stable of the New World Order. It is considered one of the most iconic moments in wrestling history. He seems pretty content with how things are going and asks fans to strap in for a big ride for what’s to come next. Khan says that we’re going to see something akin to the Monday Night Wars from the ’90s.

“I think wrestling fans should strap in for a big ride,” Khan said. “We’re not there yet but I feel it’s close. Things are happening and I don’t think it’s going to be too long before wrestling fans are going to feel what I felt in the late 1990’s when WWE and WCW went at trying to provide the best entertainment possible. 

Khan stated that they were able to meet short-term goals relating to talent and TV deals, but they’re now aiming bigger. It would be interesting to see how the rivalry between the two companies pan out in the longer run.

Do you think wrestling is really about to see a golden era all over again? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Rayan Sayyed

Has been a wrestling fan ever since he was a kid. Got into writing later and decided to combine the two interests. Besides wrestling, Is also hugely into anime, manga, music and K-pop.

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