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Tonight’s RAW will be the second night of the 2021 draft. On Friday night we saw Big E and Roman Reigns stay on their respective brands, while Charlotte Flair moved to SmackDown and Biance Belair was drafted to RAW. Other notable drafts included Edge to RAW, Drew McIntyre to SmackDown, then Rey and Dominik Mysterio and Austin Theory to Raw.

There are some huge names still on the board and Paul heyman will be on hand to make sure The Uso’s don’t get drafted to RAW. Brock Lesnar may also be on hand as he announced he is a free agent thanks to Heyman. Meanwhile Hall of Famer Goldberg will be on tonight’s show to build his feud with Bobby Lashley ahead of their huge showdown in Saudi Arabia later this month.

And that’s the preview for tonight’s RAW. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!


This week’s show opens with some hype for the draft, and then out comes the SmackDown Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch. She says the man has come around and it’s been a year and a half since she was on RAW.

Lynch says she’s about to make a lot of execs unhappy but she doesn’t care, she does whatever she wants. So she announces that she is the first draft pick for RAW. She says she may be the SmackDown Women’s Champion but she was the longest-reining RAW Champion of all-time and she never lost that belt. And so it might be time to become Becky 2-belts once again. Charlotte Flair’s music hits and the RAW Women’s Champion slowly makes her way to the ring.

The fans chant “Becky 2 belts” and Flair tells them to stop. Flair reminds Becky that before her she was Becky pre-show. Flair claims she made Lynch famous and she will be looking up to her no matter what brand she’s on. Flair says it’s clear they have some unfinished business but out comes Bianca Belair. The Est. says she has unfinished business with both of them. They must feel threatened by her because they both took shots at her on Friday night. Belair says neither of them are ready and she’s about to become the Est. of RAW.

Flair shushes Bianca and tells her the Champion’s are speaking. Belair says Flair doesn’t even go here anymore. Flair says Bianca has almost done as much as her but she should be asking for her autograph for paving the way for her. Becky says that’s pretty disrespectful and if it was her she’d fight Charlotte right now, but she’s beat her so much she has nothing left to prove. Becky says the two of them have never fought before and she wonders what would happen. Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce come out and book that match for the main event.

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Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville are on the stage for the first round of the draft. They re-confirm Becky Lynch to RAW, then announce The Uso’s drafted to SmackDown. We see The Uso’s backstage clapping hands and behind them Paul Heyman is holding his heart in relief. Bobby Lashley is drafted to RAW and SmackDown drafts Sasha Banks.

United States Championship

(C) Damian Priest Vs. Jeff Hardy

The match gets underway and they lock-up with Priest taking a rear hammerlock. Jeff shoots him off and Damian hits a shoulder tackle, then Hardy hits one of his own but Priest doesn’t fall. Priest knocks Hardy over the ropes to the floor, then goes outside and looks to chokeslam him but Hardy elbows him off. Hardy gets on the apron and leaps at Priest but nobody’s home and he crashes. Priest goes out and runs off the steps to hit a senton to Hardy.

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Back live and Hardy knocks Priest off the top rope and follows-up with a Whisper In The Wind for a two-count. Priest knocks Hardy down, then wants the Reckoning but Jeff counters. Priest kicks Hardy away but Jeff comes back with a lariat, then a Twist of Fate. Jeff goes up top for the Swanton Bomb and lands it! Hardy covers but Priest rolls back into a pin and scores the win!

Winner: Damian Priest

After the match Priest lifts Jeff up and bows to him before leaving the ring. Hardy is interviewed and asked about being drafted to SmackDown. Jeff says he loves the fans. He’s being to the highest of highs and he’s crashed down to reality from time-to-time. With that said, he thinks going to SmackDown might let him show a different side, a different ego. In the meantime, he plans on making the most of it.

Former NXT star Austin Theory comes running down to the ring. He says no disrespect to Hardy, this a dream-come-true for him. He got drafted to RAW and he’s in the ring with Jeff. He grew up watching him and he’s an inspiration, so he asks Jeff for a selfie. Theory takes the picture, then clotheslines Hardy! Theory lifts Jeff up and hits the ATL. Theory lays down beside Jeff and takes another selfie.

RK-Bro are interviewed backstage and informed they will defend their Tag Team Titles against AJ Styles and Omos at Crown Jewel. Riddle says he’s so happy to see Orton back and asks if that’s a snake in his pocket or if he’s just happy. Riddle says Randy looks like a skinless snake in the sun. Orton thanks him and asks if he’s done. Randy says they have a chance to shut-up AJ and Omos once and for all. However that’s Crown Jewel and this is a special night. Randy challenges Omos to a match tonight!

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Back for more draft picks with Pearce and Deville. Monday Night RAW picks Seth Rollins, SmackDown retains King Nakamura and Rick Boogs, RAW selects Damian Priest, and SmackDown drafts Sheamus.

Shayna Baszler Vs. Dana Brooke

The bell rings and Dana shoves Baszler into the corner, then attacks her right arm. Brooke pummels Shayna, then wraps her arms around the ropes and pulls them. Baszler counters an Irish whip with a reverse DDT. Baszler kicks Dana, then whips her hard into the buckles. Brooke tries to attack but Baszler takes her down with the Kirifuda clutch and Dana taps.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

After the match Baszler goes out and grabs the arm of Dana and kicks it against the LED apron. She removes the top half of the steel steps, then looks to stomp her elbow but out comes Doudrop skipping. Baszler lets Brooke go and argues wit Doudrop. THey come face-to-face and Shayna looks to walk off but hits Doudrop from behind. Doudrop doesn’t fall and just stares at Shayna.

We see Paul Heyman backstage with The Uso’s. He’s asked if he as the one who made sure The Uso’s stayed on SmackDown. Heyman says he isn’t just the special council of Roman Reigns but the warden of the Uso Penitentiary. Kevin Patrick asks if that’s how Heyman also ensured Brock Lesnar’s free agent status and The Uso’s stare at Heyman before walking off.

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Mansoor & Ali Vs. Humberto Carrillo & Angel Garza

Carrillo and Mansoor start and Humberto whips him to the buckles. Mansoor counters Humberto with a backbreaker and they both make tags. Ali comes in hot until Garza connects with a dropkick. Carrillo and Mansoor rush in but Humberto knocks him over the ropes, then goes out and slams him. Garza counters Ali, sending him into the buckles. With the referee distracted, Humberto slams Ali’s head into the ring post, then Garza rolls him up for the win!

Winners: Humberto Carrillo & Angel Garza

After the tag team match the WWE Champion, Big E, makes his way to the ring. He’ll be talking after the break.

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Pearce and Deville are back for more drafts. Monday Night RAW retains AJ Styles and Omos, SmackDown drafts Shayna Baszler, RAW selects Kevin Owens, and SmackDown picks Xia Li from NXT.

Big E is in the ring and he says it’s great to be on his show in Nashville. The Champ says this past week was challenging; Kofi and Woods were drafted away from him for the second year in a row; and he was in the most gruelling match of his career. He made Lashley fall and proved he is the rightful WWE Champion. Of course, Drew McIntyre stepped-up and challenged him before he could even breathe. Drew is no joke, a 2X WWE Champion and a literal swordsman. Big E then asks Drew to come speak his mind.

McIntyre marches to the ring. He says he’s been drafted to SmackDown but he has unfinished business on RAW. He was screwed out of the title and he’s been waiting for a hero to step-up and along came Big E to vanquish Lashley. This is where he’s supposed to antagonize Big E but few people deserve it more than he does. He says he likes to do things the old fashioned way and he wanted to congratulate him to his face. They shake hands.

However, Drew says Big E did cash-in on an injured man. Although Lashley did the same to him, so he doesn’t care. Regardless, he’s formally challenging Big E to a match for the WWE Championship. Out comes the Dirty Dogs, Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler. Roode says they wer biding their time when they overheard this lovely litle story. Dolph says he’s genuinely proud of Big E but he forgot to thank him. Big E scoffs, so Ziggler shows footage of when Big E was his bodyguard. Ziggler says without him there is no Big E and there is no New Day.

McIntyre says Dolph may have a point. Ziggler says oh he can’t speak. Ziggler then shows footage of when Drew returned to RAW a few years ago and they were a team. Ziggler says if it weren’t for him McIntyre would never have been WWE Champion, never slain the beast, and all he wanted was a thank you. McIntyre sarcastically says Dolph has clearly upgraded.

Roode gets annoyed and says he’s a better friend and partner than they ever were. Roode says he puts the body in bodyguard and that they call him Big Bob. Big E says nobody has ever called Roode that. Dolph reiterates that he wants a thank you and Big E says all they’re going to get is an ass-whooping from him and Drew calls himself the Big D. The two teams argue as we head to the break.

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Big E & Drew McIntyre Vs. The Dirty Dogs

Drew and Ziggler start and Dolph punches him into the corner. McIntyre hits a clothesline and a release suplex, then tags Big E. The WWE Champion hits a big splash to Ziggler on the apron, then allows Roode to tag in. Big E leap-frogs Roode and hits a body attack, then tags McIntyre. Drew kicks Bobby and hits a dropkick. Big E tags in but the Dirty Dogs team to hit a drop-down dropkick for a two-count.

Ziggler tags a headlock and holds Big E down, then backs him into the corner. Roode tags in and stomps Big E down. Roode goes up for a knee drop but Big E moves and tags McIntyre. Drew hits a big boot, a belly-to-belly, then another, and catches Dolph with a huge one. McIntyre misses a shoulder tackle and hits the ring post. On the outside Ziggler superkicks Drew into the steel steps.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Roode is controlling McIntyre. Drew fights up and knocks Roode down. Both men make tags and Big E hits Ziggler with multiple belly-to-belly suplexes. Big E hits the big splash, then wants the Big Ending but Dolph slides off. Big E hits a urinage for a near-fall and Roode attacks. Roode hits Big E and Ziggler catches him with a Zig-Zag.

McIntyre breaks the pin but Roode knocks him from the ring. Roode goes to the apron and jumps at Drew on the floor but gets caught with a belly-to-belly. Big E gets rolled-up for a two, then knocks Dolph down. Big E wants the Big Ending but McIntyre tags himself in and hits the Claymore for the win.

Winners: Big E & Drew McIntyre

After the match Roode rushes in but Big E grabs him for the Big Ending. Drew and Big E talk some trash.

Reggie is backstage and he gets cornered by the jobbers, who are trying everything to take him out, including driving a golf cart at him. Reginald does some parkour to get away but runs into Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez but he runs off.

*Commercial Break*

New draftee, Kevin Owens comes to the ring but before he can speak he’s interrupted by Akira Tozawa. A fan shouts “Mortal Komat!” Tozawa welcomes Owens back to RAW and says he wants to fight Reggie for the 24/7 Championship. Owens shrugs and hits Tozawa with a Stunner.

Perce and Deville back with more draft picks. Monady Night Raw drafts the Street Profits, SmackDown chooses The Viking Raiders, RAW picks Finn Balor, and SmackDown opts for Ricochet.

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Women’s Tag Team Championship’s

(C) Rhea Ripley & Nikki A.S.H Vs. Natalya & Tamina

We kick things off with Natalya and Nikki. Natalya whips her to the corner but Nikki leaps over her and hits a dropkick to the knee. Natalya gets the better of Nikki and tags Tamina, who throws her across the ring by the hair. Tamina beats Nikki down and tags Natalya but Ripley gets the tag and throws hands with Nattie. Rhea hits some short-arm clotheslines and a headbutt.

Natalya his an atomic drop using the ropes but Ripley fires back with a back drop. Tamina tags herself in but Rhea kicks her off the ropes. With both hrrls on the floor, Nikki dives off the top rope with a splash to both. Ripley goes outside and celebrates with Nikki, all fired-up. Ripley drags Tamina into the ring and hits the Riptide, then tags Nikki for a splash and the win!

Winners: Rhea Ripley & Nikki A.S.H

*Commercial Break*

We’re back with Pearce and Deville for another round of draft picks. RAW chooses Karrion Kross, SmackDown Picks Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo, RAW drafts Alexa Bliss, and SmackDown sticks with Cesaro.

WWE Hall of Famer, Goldberg, comes to the ring. Goldberg says Lashley has the audacity to say wheat he did to his son was a misunderstanding but it wasn’t. It was intentional. So tonight, he invites Lashley down to the ring so he can intentionally break his neck. The All Mighty comes to the stage and reiterates it was a misunderstanding. Lashley says he’s not coming to the ring to wreck his suit to whoop his ass.

Lashley says Goldberg still dresses like it’s 1998, and that Bill owes him an apology for character assassination. Lashley says Goldberg can have a match at Crown Jewel under one condition: no holds barred. Goldberg drops to his knees and thanks him. Goldberg says no holds barred gives him a licence to kill. Lashley wants an apology, well he’ll give one to his kids after he leaves his lifeless body in the ring at Crown Jewel.

Goldberg says Lashley is next but Bobby says you can’t kill the All Mighty. He tells Goldberg to tell Gage that, if he has the balls to do what he did again it won’t be a mistake next time. Lashley asks what Goldber would do if someone jumped on his back. Cedric Alexander jumps on Goldberg’s back but he slings him off. Goldberg then elbows Shelton Benjamin away and hits a Spear before posing on the ropes.

Seth Rollins is interviewed backstage. He sings and dances that he’s back and says he’s better than ever. Kevin Patrck says Edge has also been drafted to RAW but Seth tells him not to rain on his parade. He will take care of that business on SmackDown and he doesn’t give a shit who steps to him because he’s on another level and he’s Seth Freakin’ Rollins.

*Commercial Break*

The New Day Vs. Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin

We start with Kofi and Shelton. Kofi tries to use his pace but Benjamin drops him and takes him to the corner. Cedric tags in and stomps Kofi before tagging Shelton back in. Benjamin whips Kofi to the corner but Kingston hits a springboard tornado DDT. Cedric and Woods tag in and Xavier hits some kicks and a tilt-a-whirl Russian leg sweep. Woods is sent over the ropes, dodges Shelton, then Kofi comes off the apron with a clothesline to Benjamin. Woods gets back on the apron and kicks Cedric back, then hits a springboard elbow drop for the win.

Winners: The New Day

After the match the Street Profits come out and congrat The New Day on their new Netflix movie, Escape The Undertaker. Ford says they’re here to let the WWE Universe know that the Street Profits are back on RAW and they want the smoke. They hug Kofi and Woods and give thema red cup to drink. Both teams dance.

We get a video package for Finn Balor coming to RAW. The announcers bill it as a double draft with The Demon.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and Randy Orton and Riddle are in the ring. Orton says he is ready and waiting for Omos to accpet his challenge tonight. Randy asks if Omos is AJ’s personal colossus or just a big bitch? Out comes AJ Styles and Omos. Styles says they didn’t respond because they were celebrating his victory over Riddle last week. Also, Orton is insignificant. If Omos wanted, he would destroy Randy.

AJ asks if Riddle has any brain cells left to take the stop them from taking the titles. Styles says he’s glad they’re all on RAW because he wants to gloat week after week. Omos grabs the microphone and starts to speak but Orton punches Styles. Riddle jumps on Omos but gets thrown away. Orton then ducks Omos and catches AJ with an RKO! Orton and Riddle high-tail it and Omos is furious.

*Commercial Break*

The announcers talk about NXT with a focus on the new group, Toxic Attraction, which includes Mandy Rose.

It’s time for the final round of draft picks. RAW takes Carmella, SmackDown chooses Ridge Holland from NXT, RAW drafts Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson! And the final pick of the year, SmackDown chooses to retain Sami Zayn! We see footage of Gable Steveson and his parents watching from their home and they’re excited.

Bianca Belair Vs. Charlotte Flair

Becky Lynch joins the commentary team for the main event. The match begins and they lock-up and exchange holds with Flair saying on top. Belair uses her athleticism to avoid Flair but she gets caught with a dropkick in the ribs. Belair leaps over Flair and spanks herself, then hits a dropkick. Belair slams Charlotte into the buckles and applauds herself.

On commentary Lynch recitres a poem she wrote about beating Charlotte Flair. They fight onto the apron and Bianca wants a suplex but Charlotte pulls her hair and knees her, then hits a reverse DDT on the apron. Flair throws Bianca over the barricade and spanks herself mocking Belair, then stares at Lynch as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Belair avoids a big boot and hits a stalling vertical suplex for a two-count. Belair attempts a handspring splash but Flair kicks her. Charlotte drops Belair, then rolls her up for a two-count. Flair deadlifts Bianca and slams her for another two-count. Charlotte wants Natural Selection but Belair avoids it. Charlotte counters a suplex and grabs the hair but Belair punches her. Belair wants the Kiss of Death but Flair slides off and hits the ropes, avoids a clothesline, and hits a big spear for a near-fall.

Flair is getting angry and she tries to drop a knee on Belair’s leg but she avoids it and slams her for a two-ciunt. belair goes to the top rope but Charlotte hits the ropes to drop her, then hits a big boot and Belair falls into the ring. Charlotte goes up top for a moonsault but Belair moves, so Flair does another moonsault and lands it. Bianca with a roll-up for two, then lfits Flair for the K.O.D and covers but Lynch drags her out of the ring and attacks.

Winner via disqualification: Bianca Belair

Becky beats Bianca around ringside and hits aBexploder into the barricade. Becky gets Bianca back in the ring and beats her but then Sasha Banks comes from behind and attacks her! Banks beats Lynch into the corner and hits double knees, then does the same to Belair and poses to end the show.

That’s it for this week’s RAW, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for NXT. Until next time, stay safe.

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