WWE is holding another draft, starting on Friday, but we won’t know where people are going until the chips fall where they may. Several NXT Superstars are going to be in the mix as well.

LA Knight, formerly Eli Drake of TNA, arrived in NXT and he brought fire with every promo so far. After a nice program with the Million Dollar Title, Cameron Grimes, and Ted DiBiase himself, Knight is waiting to see what challenges lay ahead of him. He is also already booked for a match on NXT next week against Odyssey Jones. You know anything can change in WWE, especially around draft time.

During Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast, Andrew Zarian mentioned that some NXT Superstars are getting called up. Hit Row’s name has already been reported, but he also namedropped LA Knight as a person who is getting a look as well.

“I was told that everybody is under the assumption that NXT talent is going to be involved in the Draft. It’s gonna be one-sided, it’s not gonna be two sides; but don’t be shocked if you see a main roster Superstar go down to NXT every now and then, like a Mandy Rose, you know someone like that.”


“It is interesting, because Hit Row is a name that people have thrown out there, LA Knight is a name that people have thrown out there.”

We will see who WWE plucks from NXT for the 2021 WWE Draft. There are several names that could have their name called when everything is said and done. Franky Monet, LA Knight, Hit Row, Pete Dunne and so many more could be ready to go and find out what the main roster has in store for them.

What’s your take on this story? Sound off in the comments!

What’s your take on this story? Sound off in the comments!

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