WWE is starting the 2021 Draft this week and that should shake up the roster in big way. Many Superstars do not know which brand they will wind up on when everything is said and done, but the company’s network partners have a pretty good idea about some of them.

The company generally likes to catch organic reactions when someone’s name is called on draft night. This tactic has made for plenty of great television moments in the past. Although most Superstars are in the dark, WWE can’t really treat their networks the same way. After all, Fox and USA Network pay a lot for WWE programming and they want to know who they should feature in advertising.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer confirmed that the networks know about some of the bigger names. Of course, anything can change in Vince McMahon’s company.

“I have no idea what’s coming and probably nobody else does either. From what I was told today, that USA and FOX do know a few things like the key guys. The key guys are decided, nothing else is decided. Everything can change.”


WWE likes to change as much as they can with the draft. The goal is to shake up the rosters and provide new match-ups. There is also a constant tricky dance to keep both network partners happy at a time like this.

We’ll have to see where things fall when everything is said and done, but WWE is also known to continue fine-tuning the rosters even weeks after draft night passes.

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