Matt Riddle is known to rock flip-flops and he nixes them in style after entering the squared circle. Riddle’s flip-flop kick is a fan favorite at this point and it is apparently not going away. According to the Original Bro, Vince McMahon loves those birds that come flying out of his feet as well.

While speaking to Out Of Character, Matt Riddle revealed the creative process behind his extravagant CGI-filled entrance. Riddle was gifted giant CGI flip-flops, but that’s not all. Birds also fly out of Riddle’s feet as he kicks off his footwear. Riddle had other suggestions for animals that might make more senses like an eagle or stallions, but birds were apparently a favorite for Mr. McMahon.

“I’ll give you the full story of the doves and why I think they’re so cool. They wanted Doves to fly out. I said, ‘Doves? Well, I’m the U.S. Champion. Why not eagles?’ They said, ‘Eagles are a little bit too big.’ I said, ‘How about a stallion or horses running out of my feet?’ They said, ‘Horses are too big.’ I said, ‘Why birds?’ They said, ‘Vince really likes the birds.’ I said, ‘You know what?  If Vince likes the birds, I love these birds. Let’s kick these birds off my flip flops everyday. I’m birdman. Let’s do it.’ The fact that Vince thought they were so cool and awesome, I said, ‘Well, if Vince thinks they are so cool and awesome, I think that’s cool and awesome.’”

“That’s where the birds came from. I’ll be honest. I don’t really argue about stuff too much. I’m very laid back.  I think that’s why  I’ve had so much success. I don’t politick too much. I have a good time and I work well with others.”


Matt Riddle is currently 1/2 of the RAW Tag Team Champions with Randy Orton, a man who has a huge viper as part of his augmented reality entrance. WWE is going all out with the entrances and it seems that they add something new each week.

WWE spends a lot of money on those elaborate entrances. We will pay close attention to see what they insert next, but it’s likely that Vince McMahon is behind it in some way. Mr. McMahon was apparently a huge fan of Riddle’s birds.

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