Bron Breaker, son of Rick Steiner, reminds fans of the Steiner Brothers team. Sadly, WWE hasn’t allowed the name “Steiner” to be spoken on NXT 2.0 yet. There is hope that will change, but they continue avoiding the subject of Breakker’s family each week.

One fan tweeted out to say that fans need to get used to the name Bron Breakker. It isn’t going away. CM Punk’s name was also brought into the situation as a “goober name,” and CM Punk saw this tweet. “y’all will get used to the name ‘Bron Breakker.’ I agree it’s stupid but try to remember the first time you heard names like ‘CM Punk’ and ‘Roman Reigns’ etc etc etc. goober names just become names over time if the wrestler isn’t ass.”

The Second City Saint replied to admit that his own name is “the ultimate stupid name.” After all, CM stands for “Chick Magnet.” Then he admitted that Bron Breakker will be fine despite the fact that WWE should let him be a Steiner.

CM Punk is the ultimate stupid name. Bron is awesome and going to be fine. He should be Steiner, but it’s not his fault. Changing my name to “Killer Brooks”


Many fans are of the opinion that Bron Breakker would be better off with the Steiner last name. The NXT 2.0 commentary team was allowed to say that he exhibits “a dog-faced gremlin mentality,” but that is the furthest they have gone at this point.

We’ll have to see what’s next for Bron Breakker, but it’s pretty interesting that he seems to have even captured CM Punk’s attention.

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