AEW announced an upcoming tournament in Owen Hart’s honor. This partnership with the Owen Hart Foundation is a big deal for his legacy, and it ensures that fans will be able to celebrate his memory in a big way. Action figures are also on the way, but some fans are not happy at all.

Some fans are coming down on AEW making this deal with the Owen Hart Foundation. This caused Hart’s name to trend in a tremendous way as over 10,000 people tweeted out in a very short period of time to discuss the issue.

“Owen Hart being honored by AEW is not AEW copying WWE, it is not AEW taking a shot at WWE, it is a widow who did not want a company that she rightfully blames for the negligent death of her husband being able to make a penny off of his memory, Martha Hart has always been right,” one fan tweeted out to shut down the negativity.

“Ok wow. I don’t think I can ever respect the majority of WWE’s fanbase again (as always there are FEW exemptions). Instead of being happy for Owen Hart, you alll decided to turn this into another anti AEW propaganda. Fuck you all. Seriously.” another fan wrote.


This was a very popular discussion point and his name will likely come up for years to come as part of All Elite Wrestling. You can find a variety of the tweets below.

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