Big Damo, formerly known as Killian Dain, was release by WWE. Now that the superstar is a free agent, he has a lot of plans in terms of where he wants to go and who he wants to wrestle.

Damo said that after his release, the “chip is back on my shoulder.” He revealed to WrestleZone in an interview that he is keeping himself busy and his work as a trainer has been “reignited.”

I’ve been making sure to be as active as possible and then obviously with the world about to reopen again, touch wood as best I can, then it’ll be a lot easier for me. But my main issue is I’m a foreigner living in the USA so there’s still legal hurdles I have to make before I can get anywhere. That could be sorted within a week, it could be sorted within a couple of months and sadly that’s the reality of the situation. I’m here legally, but I won’t be able to work legally just for a little time yet, and that is something that we’re hoping to get sorted ASAP….I’m really excited for what’s next.

The former NXT superstar was asked about what is he planning to do next, and he revealed that he is wishes to go back to Europe. They asked him what gimmicks does he have in mind, he answered:


In so far as what my character’s gonna be after this, it’s gonna be my invention, and that’s gonna be fun because one of the hardest parts about being in this is, we’re characters in their soap opera. And it’s a lot of fun a lot of the time she there is a lot of freedoms in different ways but realistically, the emphasis is gonna be on me to come up with something that people are gonna be interested in seeing and that’s what I’m excited about the challenge.

He dropped a heartfelt message to Nikki ASH after she won the RAW Women’s Title. He stated that the pro-wrestling industry is fickle, and also said that his WWE release was reasonably timed.

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