Linda McMahon is one of the strongest forces in WWE. While she supports and stand by former POTUS and helps him out from time to time, she also gatekeeps WWE from both fans of the show and superstars misbehaving.

Former WWE superstar Greg Valentine recalled the time when he was phoned by Linda McMahon after he’d just punched a fan. He revealed that after he’d broken his jaw with a punch, the guy received “some kind of deal.”

The legend went to Title Match Wrestling video and revealed that while he’d landed the punch, he didn’t believe that his punch could break a jaw.

I remember this one, Steubenville, Ohio, I’m coming out of the ring and this big tall kid hauls off and spits at me right in the face. And he was a big tall guy, and I hauled off and I hit him. So about five days later I get a call from Linda McMahon, ‘Greg, did you hit this guy? You broke his jaw.’ I go, ‘Bullsh*t, I couldn’t have broke his jaw.’ But they [WWE] paid it for me. I don’t know, he got some kind of deal.


It was recently revealed that she has brand new gig lined up for herself. She also could be gearing up for her own presidential run. She recently stopped the security from keeping fan from recording Money In The Bank.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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