Ryback left the WWE quite a while ago. That hasn’t stopped him from addressing them and making headlines about them, however. He always has new stories to tell, and this time they’re about Vince McMahon’s family members.

The former WWE superstar recently appeared on an episode of the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast. He talked about his unlikely friendship with Rod McMahon, Vince’s brother, when he was part of the WWE. He revealed that Rod was a subscriber of Ryback’s weekly message of positivity and used to buy his Feed Me More Nutrition. Ryback and Rod met each other at a gym.

At this gym, I did my workout. I was getting ready to go do the tanning beds. This guy was out by the front desk and he said, ‘Ryback. I’m Vince’s brother, Rod.’ I’m thinking instantly that this guy is full of sh*t and he’s lying to me. I had no idea Vince had a brother. He’s talking to me and I’m thinking, ‘God, who is this guy? What is his story? I’m looking at his face. He had the same nose as Vince. I could tell, so I said, ‘You are Vince’s brother.’ He said, ‘Yea, I told you that.’

Ryback then revealed that Rod was a really nice guy, and they held a long friendship together until Rod’s passing. Ryback then revealed an incidence when he revealed to Vince McMahon that he’d met Rod. After Ryback told him that his brother and him look very alike, he claimed that Vince’s face blushed and he stormed off after saying they look nothing alike. After that, Ryback claimed that Vince took him to meet his mother.


Later that night, Vince came back up to me, and by the way, the finish got put on me for the tag match. Vince said, ‘I really want you to meet my mom.’  I’m thinking he’s going to have a bunch of talent to go meet his mom. His mom was 90-something at the time. I go into this room. Somebody brings me into this room. It’s me and Vince’s mom and nobody else. I’m thinking ‘What’s going on?’ She said, ‘Nice to meet you.’ The first thing she said was, ‘My son’s going to live for a long time.’ I’m thinking, ‘What the actual f*ck is actually going on?’ Did he put her up to this? It was so weird. She was a fantastic lady and a very nice woman. She looked great. She just got done playing tennis, but that was my Rod story that day in Houston because his mom lived there. I don’t know if she still does.

Ryback recently went ballistic on WWE for not caring about their superstars. He also accused WWE partners for suppressing him on social media. He recently had confrontation with a fan who told him to end himself and also urged his fans to get firearm.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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