Paige was one of the biggest female pro-wrestlers, until an in-ring injury forced her to retire. However, Paige had recently talked about feeling great after workout. It seems that her in-ring return might be sooner than expected. This comes off the heels of her revealing that her contract is up sooner than some thought.

The first-ever NXT Women’s Champion previously tweeted out to say, “You guys I’m getting stronger squatting 185lbs again. I know it’s not a ton but it’s a big accomplishment for me who was worried to do any gym stuff because of my neck. But my neck is feeling so awesome. I’m so proud of myself “

Saraya also took to Twitter today where she shot out a tweet that really suggests her return to the ring is imminent. Her fans have kept close watch on her. While she’s banned from Twitch after streaming Dumb & Dumber, her tweet suggests she’s soon to get her old job back in the ring.

I’m not done yet. 💪🏻


Paige had recently posted on Twitter that her neck feels better than ever. The former WWE superstar said that she had been squating 185 lbs (83.9 kgs) and despite the tremendous weight, her neck felt just fine. She added that it’s a big accomplishment for her since she was hesitant to go all out in the gym because of the neck.

The former diva might be ready to return to WWE, but her contract expiration is pretty close. Her return might align with a contract renewal, so it can equally be a great sign.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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