AEW brought in CM Punk and more are on the way. As the company’s roster grows with bigger names, they can’t forget about that core roster of AEW originals who were there from the beginning.

Ex sports entertainment referee Jimmy Korderas recently dropped a new Reffin Rant, this time about AEW. He shared a warning that the company shouldn’t forget about their core group of talent. After all, they are going to eventually run out of television time since they only have three hours to fill, and YouTube doesn’t really count on the level that television does.

“CM Punk seemed to drop the hint that Daniel Bryan is on the way, ‘yes, yes, yes’ and maybe there’s others coming. Maybe an Adam Cole? Maybe a Bray Wyatt? Look, I get it, sign those guys because they are tremendous talents, but at the same time you’ve got a roster full of tremendous talent that you need to work with and get to the next level.”

“There’s only a [finite] amount of TV time, three hours of TV. You can say that ‘well, there’s a YouTube show and Dark and all this stuff,’ YouTube is not television. Television is where the money is. It is a business at the end of the day and you need room for all these talents. Do they have it?”


The big question is how Tony Khan will handle his booking process if/when CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Windham Rotunda, and Adam Cole all end up on the same roster. It is very possible that some members of the roster will see less television time because of that new top tier talent. We will have to see how AEW handles this good problem to have.

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