Vince McMahon calls all of the shots in WWE and his approval goes a long way. Sadly, it doesn’t guarantee someone longevity in his company and that was the case for Ever-Rise, now 2point0 in AEW, after they were released.

While talking to Talk Is Jericho. they discussed a promo that they were able to cut in their hometown of Montreal. Vince McMahon apparently loved that promo a lot, and he let them know about it when they got to Gorilla

“They go, ‘Okay, so we’re going to move the promo from ringside to Gorilla, and we’re going to do it live and then you’re going to have an entrance.’ As an extra getting squashed, what more could you want. That the Holy Trinity. That’s perfect, great, but the nerves that come with that. It starts to get time for it, and now we start moving to Gorilla. The thing is, in Gorilla, we’re standing, 10 feet away, there’s Vince sitting at his table, and now I got to do a live promo in our hometown, in front of Vince, in front of the world,” said Jeff Parker.

They thanked Vince McMahon for the opportunity, because that is what you’re supposed to do in every instance. Their performance seemed to find favor with McMahon as well.


“He starts walking back to his seat, and I’m just like, oh, I can’t let him sit down. I gotta go. I’m like, ‘Sir, just before you sit down, I just want to say thank you.’ We’re expecting him to turn around. ‘Yeah, good job’ and brush us off, which is fine enough, but he turns around. He looks. He goes, ‘Great sh*t out there!’ Shakes the hand. ‘Great enthusiasm!” said Parker.

We’ll have to see what’s next for 2point0 in the pro wrestling world. They are becoming mainstays in AEW as a heel tag team. Obviously, their hard work is paying off, even if it meant that they were released from WWE in the process.

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H Jenkins

H Jeknins is a News Correspondent at Ringside News, keeping wrestling fans updated with timely and accurate reports on all things wrestling.

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