It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. AEW Dynamite will go down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results coverage.

Start time for AEW Dynamite is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • CM Punk Makes His First Appearance On Dynamite
  • World Tag Team Championship Eliminator Tournament Semifinal: Varsity Blonds (w/Julia Hart) vs. Lucha Brothers (w/Alex Abrahantes)
  • Malakai Black vs. Brock Anderson (w/Arn Anderson)
  • Trios Match: Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston and Darby Allin vs The Wingmen(Cezar Bononi, Ryan Nemeth & JD Drake)
  • Trios Match: The Nightmare Factory(QT Marshall, Nick Comoroto & Aaron Solo) vs The Gunn Club(Austin, Billy & Colten)
  • Orange Cassidy vs. Matt Hardy
  • Red Velvet vs. Jamie Hayter (w/Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.)

A recap of CM Punk’s Rampage debut. Commentary runs down tonight’s card. Orange Cassidy is the first man out tonight. Chuck Taylor and Wheeler Yuta accompany him to the ramp before heading to the back. Matt Hardy makes his entrance next, he is out alone, no Hardy Family Office.

Orange Cassidy vs. Matt Hardy


Orange Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets. Orange does the half hardy kicks, Hardy shouts Delete! They go back and forth with that. Hardy puts his hands in his pocket and pulls out wads of cash. Cassidy hits the dropkick and the money goes flying. Cassidy puts some money in his pocket and dives on to Hardy on the outside. Hardy catches him in a side affect!

Hardy grinds Cassidy’s face into the ring post. Hardy bows to the crowd, hits a backdrop, another backdrop, another backdrop. Hardy picks up his money off the mat, and half heartedly kicks Cassidy. Hardy hits a body slam into an elbow drop. Hardy with strikes in the corner. Hardy with clubbing blows to the back, into a big suplex. Hardy pulls the money out of Cassidy’s pockets.

Hardy hits a back elbow, a leg drop, 2 count. Hardy with a surfboard submission, Hardy with a knee to the back, Cassidy whipped hard into the turnbuckle. Cassidy slams Hardy into the turnbuckle, goes for Beach Break but Hardy reverse, Hardy hits Splash Mountain, 2 count! Hardy sets up for the Twist of Fate but Cassidy rolls to the corner, Cassidy throws Hardy to the outside and hits a suicide dive Cassidy hits a crossbody, tornado DDT, 2 count!

Hardy has been busted open from the DDT, Cassidy with shots to the midsection in the corner, Cassidy hits the senton from the top after doing the Hardy taunt, Cassidy does the Delete and goes form the Twist of Fate, Hardy fights him to the corner, Hardy hits an elbow drop from the second rope, 2 count. Cassidy hits the Twist of Fate! Hardy kicks out at 2!

Hardy ducks under the Orange Punch, Hardy goes for the Leech, Cassidy gets a roll up with his hands in his pockets and gets the 3!

WINNER: Orange Cassidy!

Malakai Black says Brock is in over his head, offers Brock a way out, says Brock should roll to the outside and forfeit through count out. Brock should apologise and think about the ideocracy he is about to put himself through. If that doesn’t happen, Black will take it out on everybody associated with the Nightmare Family.

Up Next, Chris Jericho!

Commercial Break.

Judas plays to bring out Chris Jericho! The crowd, of course, sings along with Judas. A replay of Jericho tapping out to MJF last week.

Jericho gets a mic, Jericho says they sound great. Says this has been one of the biggest weeks in AEW history. Everybody has been celebrating except for him. He couldn’t beat the 5 Labours, he tapped out. Jericho says its bothering him because he is Chris Jericho! He has always strived to be better, to stay on top, he has to stay on top, its what he does.

He failed to beat MJF, it has been driving him crazy. Until this ends he will just keep attacking MJF any chance he gets until its over, he doesn’t give a shit! He has a proposal for a way to end this. Invites MJF out. The proposal is one more match, a final fight at All Out. If he cant beat MJF, he doesn’t belong in AEW. He doesn’t deserve to be Le Champion, if MJF wins he will go to the commentary table full time, if MJF wins he will never wrestle for AEW again.

MJF makes his entrance. MJF says this is getting embarrassing. Jericho should leave him alone, Jericho saw MJF’s meteoric rise and Jericho cant leave him alone. MJF promised after he won last week he would never wrestle Jericho again. However, as good as it is to say he tapped out Jericho, to say that he ended Chris Jericho would be legendary. You got the match.

Varsity Blonds are backstage, says the Lucha Bros are the most dynamic team in AEW, blood doesn’t make a family, we are a family. They will challenge the Young Bucks at All Out.

The Lucha Bros make their entrance. Jurassic Express are watching from the front row. Varsity Blonds make their entrance with Julia Hart. The Young Bucks make their entrance along with the Good Brothers and Brandon Cutler, they will watch from the stage.

World Tag Team Championship Eliminator Tournament Semi-final: Varsity Blonds (w/Julia Hart) vs. Lucha Brothers (w/Alex Abrahantes)

Fenix and Garrison start, Garrison with a headlock, shoulder tackle, catches a crossbody, Fenix with a chop, both men evenly matches. Penta tags in, Pillman tags in. Penta shouts Zero Miedo in Pillman face, Pillman with strikes to the face, Penta hits a superkick, Pillman with a huge thrust kick. Pillman hits a huricanrana, Penta hits a slingblade. Penta hits an overhand chop. Picture in picture.

Varsity Blonds take the advantage, Garrison gets a headlock, tags in Pillman, Fenix with a jawbreaker, tags in Penta. The Blonds with a double shoulder tackles. Penta with a DDT on Garrison, tags in Fenix, superkick to Pillman, missile dropkick, roundhouse kick to Garrison, Fenix with a huge cutter, 2 count as Garrison breaks the count.

Pillman with a springboard dropkick to Penta, Lucha Bros with double superkicks, Fenix with a dive onto both men, Penta with an added push. Pillman with a powerbomb to Fenix, 2 count. Garrison with a flying forearm, 2 count. Penta hits a superkick to Garrison, Lucha Bros with double superkicks to Pillman Lucha Bros hit an assisted Piledriver, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Lucha Bros!

Jurassic Express get in the ring. Face off with the Lucha Bros in the ring, the Bucks walk down to ringside, push Jurassic Express from behind, Lucha Bros and Jurassic Express work together to take out the Young Bucks, superkick onto the Bucks and a suicide dive onto the Super Elite.

Video package for Pac vs. Andrade El Idolo.

Jamie Hayter makes her entrance accompanied by Britt Baker and Rebel. Huge reaction for Britt Baker. Red Velvet makes her entrance next, not much of a reaction for Velvet.

Red Velvet vs. Jamie Hayter (w/Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.)

Velvet with a Thez Press, Hayter hits a fall away slam. Velvet whipped hard into the turnbuckle, Hayter with boots to Velvet’s face in the corner, stomps, hits a suplex. Velvet sends Hayter out of the ring, Velvet hits a suicide dive! Another suicide dive! Picture in picture.

Velvet whipped hard into the ring post. Baker picks her up, throws her into the apron, into the barricade and throws her into the ring. Hayter hits a back elbow, sending Velvet out of the ring. Hayter throws Velvet into the barricade, Back in the ring, Hayter hits forearms, locks in an armbar. The crowd is very quiet for this. Forearms back and forth, Hayter hits a back elbow, Velvet hits an uppercut, clothesline, another clothesline, back elbow, Velvet hits a facebuster.

Velvet with double knees in the ropes, Velvet knocks Baker off the apron, Velvet misses a standing moonsault, Hayter hits a backbreaker and a huge clothesline to get the victory.

WINNER: Jamie Hayter!

Bake, Hayter beak down on Velvet. Kris Statlander runs down to make the save. Statlander faces off with Baker, Baker escapes before Statlander can do anything.

Dark Order are backstage. Evil Uno says the are a unit, all unit have their obstacles. Alex Reynolds blames Grayson and Uno for what happened to Hangman. Uno says he should stand in Silver’s shadow like always. Reynolds says Uno isn’t the leader of the Dark Order.

Up Next, CM Punk!

Commercial Break.

Huge CM Punk chants before a recap of Punks debut on Rampage. Tony Schiavone is in the ring, says we witness one of the greatest moments we have every been a part of, introduces the “Best In The World,” CM Punk! CM Punk walks out with a huge smile on his face, plays to the crowd, huge CM Punk chants.

Punk shakes Schiavone’s hand, CM Punk chants drown out Schiavone. Punk says he can’t hear Tony. Louder CM Punk chants. Punk asked them to quiet down, tony asks what brought Punk back after all these years. More CM Punk chants. Punk says Penta, Fenix, Pillman, Jungle Boy, but before all those young names there is one guy. “Darby” chants.

Punk says he’ll retire “The Voice of the Voiceless” as this place already has a voice. He says he watched Darby, he is reckless to the point of destruction, can CM Punk still go? Does he still have what it takes? Can he still be the best in the world? If the answer if yes it starts with Darby Allin. Says Darby would have been his favourite wrestler when he was 15 years old. Darby isn’t the biggest or strongest, but he has heart.

If Punk is going to answer the question, can he still be the best in the world? The crowd chants “YES!” Punk says that is somebody else schtick and they’ll have to be a little more patient for that… Punk says its all down to All Out September 5th, plus, he is more about proving others wrong than proving himself right. Says hello to his wife, April(AJ Lee), at home and Cult of Personality plays him out. Punks hugs and high fives the front row, hugs Schiavone, and walks up the ramp.

Miro is backstage, says there is an original sinner, Eddie I will find you, I will hold you under the river, he wife will love him because he is the champion.

Commercial Break.

Darby Allin makes his entrance for our next Rios match. Sting accompanies him to ringside. Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston are out next. The Wingmen are already in the ring.

Trios Match: Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston and Darby Allin vs The Wingmen (Cezar Bononi, Ryan Nemeth & JD Drake)

Darby starts with Drake. Allin with chops, headlock, chops in the corner, Drake throws him across the ring, Allin throws Drake out of the ring and goes for a suicide dive, Drake moves out of the way. Kingston and Nemeth tag in. Nemeth hits a chop to little affect, Kingston hits a harder chop. Bononi tags in, shoulder tackles back and forth, neither men leaves their feet.

Moxley tags in, double shoulder tackle from Moxley and Kingston, the Wingmen are knocked to the outside. Picture in picture. Drake hits a body slam, diving headbutt from Nemeth, 2 count. Nemeth with an armbar, Ziggler style showing off from Nemeth. Bononi tags in, knee strike, 2 count. Moxley hits a backdrop, Drake tags in, Moxley with a huge right hand, Kingston tags in, knee to the gut, uranagi, Drake hits a back breaker, Moxley bites Drakes face, Allin tags in, hits a Code Red off the top rope!

Avalon trips Allin, Sting faces him down while Moxley and Kingston beat him down. Nemeth gets a chair, Moxley and Kingston are nonplussed. They both knock him out of he ring. Allin hits a stunner on Drake, hits the Coffin Drop and gets the victory!

WINNER: Darby Allin, Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston!

Daniel Garcia attacks Allin after the match. He runs away when Moxley and Kingston get in the ring.

Tay Conti is with Marvez. She has been announced for the Casino Battle Royale. Bunny walks in and ask why Conti is still friends with the Dark Order? Offers her to join the HFO. Conti rips up the contract, it descends into a brawl.

Kenny Omega and the Super Elite make their entrance. Tony Schiavone will interview Omega after this commercial break.

Commercial Break.

Video package for FTR. Cash says the injury has changed him, they may not be able to be a full time team, or a part time team anymore, but they will get one more match.

Don Callis says they will take down Christian Cage once and for all! Christina Cage makes his entrance. Christian says nobody believes the BS spewing out of his mouth. Christian Cage introduces a video package looking at the history of Callis and Omega. Christian calls Callis a carny piece of shit. Omega says this has backfired on him, the video proved at 10 years old he was a better athlete than Cage ever was. Callis compares himself to other promoters, including Vince McMahon. Christian says he fell asleep listening to him. Christian accuses Callis of manipulating Omega. Callis takes off his jacket, at All Out when Christian stands next to Omega he will be what he has always been, second best. Omega and the Elite beat down Christian. Kaz runs down to make the save with a lead pipe. The Elite scatter.

Moxley is backstage, says he got a contract from Tokyo, says we know who it wasn’t(Tanahashi), Kojima Satoshi has signed the contract. This crazy old man wants to step in the ring with him? At All Out there will be a public execution.

The Gunn Club make their entrance. Paul Wight joins commentary. The Factory are already in the ring.

Trios Match: The Nightmare Factory(QT Marshall, Nick Comoroto & Aaron Solo) vs The Gunn Club(Austin, Billy & Colten)

Billy Gunn faces off against Comoroto. Comoroto overpowers Billy Gunn, Gunn throws him out of the ring, Marshall with a clotheslines to Austin Gunn. QT points at Paul Wight. Picture in picture. Wight calls QT ugly, the Factory dominate Austin Gunn. Austin with right hands to Solo, Solo with a diving foot stomp, 2 count.

Marshall tags in, bodyslam, elbow drops, gives the “Suck It” to Billy Gunn. Crowd chants “Suck It, QT!” Comoroto with a bear hug to Austin Gunn, Comoroto knocks Billy Gunn off the apron. Colton Gunn tags in, runs wild on the factory. Dropkicks all round, Comoroto with a big clothesline. Billy Gunn and Comoroto brawl to the outside. Marshall hits the flatliner/backbreaker combo.

Paul Wight distracts QT, Colton Gunn gets a roll up on QT and gets the victory!

WINNER: The Gunn Club!

Dan Lambert is backstage with the Men Of The Year. Lambert blames the fans for AEW, they don’t want to see real men, they want to see soft and weak wrestlers, he will provide role model for them to look up to, Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page.

Commentary runs down the card for Dynamite next week, Rampage and All Out.

Arn Anderson is interviewed backstage, says Brock is in over his head, Brock will have to pull everything he can out of his heart, if he cant, Arn will go down with him either way.

The lights go out as Malakai Black makes his entrance.

Commercial Break.

Brock Anderson makes his entrance, accompanied by Arn Anderson.

Malakai Black vs. Brock Anderson (w/Arn Anderson)

Brock with a double leg, quick start, right hands, Black hits a high knee, stomps in the corner, punches to the mid section. Black with strong kicks in the corner. Black with a big right hand, Brock collapses in the corner. Arn prepares to throw in the towel, decides against it.

Black tells Arn to throw in the towel. Brock hits strikes to the quads, Black hits an exploder suplex. Black hits the Black Mass! Black makes the cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Malakai Black!

Black gets a steel chair. Arn faces Black down, Black throws the chair away, Arn Anderson blocks the Black Mass! Black hits a low blow on Arn and then hits the Black Mass!

Lee Johnson runs out to face down Black. Black leaves the ring, Dynamite ends with Black shouting at Lee Johnson.

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