Booker T was critical of CM Punk’s AEW debut and how he slammed WWE in the process. Following Booker T’s words, many fans have expressed negativity towards Booker T as he has trended on Twitter.

Booker T said that he didn’t think that Cm Punk lived up to the high expectations he has. Booker T mentioned CM Punk bringing up WWE as a major issue he had with Punk’s promo.

“I just don’t think CM Punk delivered the way he could have, as far as a promo goes. I didn’t feel a promo. I felt like a guy talking about WWE. When you’re talking about the other side, the only thing you’re doing is giving them air-time.”

Fans took to Twitter with a variety of tweets in reaction to Booker T. Some fans claimed Booker T as being shamelessly biased towards his workplace of WWE.


Other fans made note of how frequently Booker T has been under fire for his controversial wrestling opinions. One fan even cited how even the infamously critical Jim Cornette had nothing but praise for CM Punk in AEW.

CM Punk’s AEW debut has been well-received by most. It does appear that at least one major name in the wrestling business was not a fan of Punk’s AEW promo.

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