CM Punk made his debut for AEW at Rampage The First Dance. That was a huge moment and many emotional fans watched from home. One crying fan was spotted by AEW’s production team and they used him to really drive the moment home. Now that fan is a living meme, but nobody knows who he is yet.

Punk already spoke out against fans mocking this emotional fan. He said that he they mock this fan, then they’re mocking him as well. Obviously, this crying fan was seen by a lot of people, including G.O.I Kicks.

They sneaker company tweeted out in search of this fan. They have a pair of CM Punk shoes for him if he will come forward.

I need #WrestlingTwitter to help connect me with this dude. I’ll do a free pair of @CMPunk sneakers ($1k value) for this legend. Those are OUR tears. All of ours. Love this dude. Make this happen wrestling fans @AEW


There should be no shame in crying during a big moment. That fan was likely waiting for CM Punk’s return to pro wrestling for the past seven years just like everyone else. Now that CM Punk is back he’s likely to continue bringing out emotions, because he’s not going away again.

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