WWE is making big plans for their future, and that could include loads of new merchandise. A Superstar’s value is determined by how much merchandise they can sell, even if they’re just doll.

Alexa Bliss introduced a new doll, Lilly, and she received a lot of merchandise so far. Apparently, the company is keeping close tabs on that doll’s merch sales. The future of that character might depend on how well its merchandise sells during SummerSlam weekend.

According to Andrew Zarian, merchandise sales will determine a lot about the future of Alexa Bliss’ creepy doll.

The merch sales this weekend will be the story when it comes to Lilly the winking doll…


Merch sales will determine a lot this week according to my source.

WWE has a few new pieces of merchandise for Lilly. That includes a jack-in-the-box, much like the one that was used at WrestleMania during Bray Wyatt’s final match in the company. Some fans soured on Bliss and Lilly’s gimmick after Wyatt’s release, but WWE only sees money signs. we’ll have to see how much longer Lilly sticks around.

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