Drew McIntyre has been beefing hard with the Modern Day Maharaja Jinder Mahal. As Mahal is accompanied by Shanky and Veer to make life tougher for McIntyre, he decided that just one Claymore won’t do. The new gimmick does fit right in for the Scottish Psychopath.

In the last week’s episode of the Monday Night RAW, McIntyre named his new sword “Angela.” The sword is classified as a Claymore, which makes a lot of sense. The former WWE champion laid it out what he exactly expects from his new gimmick on the Pat McAfee show.

McIntyre revealed that while he wanted to add a Scottish kilt to his entrance, Vince McMahon suggested that he carry a sword along outside. It’s also named after his late mother, which only fuels him further.

A lot of us are big, in shape, and hopefully a little handsome, but you want something to look different outside the box. I said, ‘I’m Scottish, why don’t we lean into the Scottish thing,’ Eventually they came to me and said, ‘How would you feel about bringing it in, bringing your heritage and history in. I said, ‘I absolutely love it.’ Then they gave me the big ass sword.


McIntyre wondered if there is an endgame to the gimmick of carrying a sword to the ring. He said that there has to be one, and that if he’s going to use a sword, “I’m going to use this bloody thing properly.”

I’ve been swinging that around for a long time now. We just gave it a name. It’s named after my late mother which is really cool. I’m bringing it to the ring now and I’m starting to use it. Hopefully, there is an endgame for this thing. There must be an endgame for this thing. If I’m going to bring it to the ring this much, I’m going to use this bloody thing properly.

The Scottish Psychopath has been getting significant attention. He recently revealed that he had nixed WrestleMania match with Sheamus for which both of them fought very hard. He even received some criticism from the veteran Mick Foley for overusing chair shots, and Big E revealed he felt sad for his Money In The Bank loss.

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