Ivelisse’s career spanned 18 years, and she has traveled to many companies. She would like another shot at AEW after her unpleasant departure. Despite having disputes with Thunder Rosa at AEW and her subsequent firing, Ivelisse still wishes to go back to the promotion.

During a recent episode of Women’s Wrestling Talk, Ivelisse spoke about many key issues. She claimed that her efforts to change the world of female pro-wrestling were often misunderstood. .

So I do feel that a big reason is, again, just because I’m a female, they feel the freedom to just, you know, pick me apart, etc. It seems to be a trend that seems to be trending. Because it hasn’t been just me, it’s been other females as well. Any female that starts blowing a bunch of steam or whatever, somehow, someway they want to find a way to, to bring them down, drag them down or whatever. My higher goal has always been to shed light on anything that could improve women’s wrestling in any way, shape, or form.

Ivelisse also talked about how locker room drama between female pro-wrestlers is often mishandled. She stated a veteran should always be there to prevent it from spilling into the ring.


Her departure from AEW is also said to be due to locker room drama. When she was asked where she would like to work next, she surprisingly said that AEW would be another go to place for her.

I would kind of have to say two, because major companies and independent companies are just entirely different worlds, I would have to say one of each. So if I would say one, from the independent side, I would say Shine because Shine has been that platform that I was able, it was the first and longest platform that has always allowed me to be myself in every way shape or form. And that’s the main stage where I’ve been able to show the world who I am and the caliber of performer that I am.

And in major companies I would say, if I had a magic wand and I could erase politics, I would say AEW despite the misunderstanding. I was still able to be completely utterly myself, Ivelisse ‘La Sicaria.’ And the misunderstandings only happened in the end. So throughout that, even as I was being presented, which you know,  I love doing tag team stuff and everything like that, but I obviously also am a very accomplished singles competitor as well.

The last few months for Ivelisse weren’t great at AEW. The conflict between Thunder Rosa and herself reached such levels that she even stated that Thunder Rosa slandered her in front of many AEW higher-ups. Despite all of that, she is doing great as the SWE Women’s Champion, and hopefully will get another shot at working with AEW someday.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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